Wrecking Ball (Harry Styles/ Drew Chadwick)

I came in like a Wrecking Ball. I never hit so hard in love.


12. Chapter Eleven



Jessamine’s POV


  Today is the day. In about 2 hours, I will officially be married to Drew.

“Are you ready?” Julienne, my best friend asked.

“You seriously sound Scottish now! And almost. But do I have everything?” I asked.

“Mom’s veil, sparky heels, and a blue garter,” Tessa answered.

“That’s only three things!”

“Mom’s veil counts as two! It’s old and borrowed!” Elizabeth said. I sighed.

“Knock knock,” a voice said as a hand tapped at the door.

“Is Drew out there?” I asked.

“He’s still getting ready! It’s just me and Keaton.”

“I guess you can come in!” Julienne sighed.

“If you were single, I would do you,” Wesley admitted.

“Well I am getting married now, so you can’t do me! Now no talk of that! Charlotte is very smart for a two year old!”  

  My daughter quietly babbled mindlessly in the corner. Charlotte was an angel. She almost never threw a tantrum, so she didn’t get that from me, and she almost always did as she was told. Although it’s normally about going to play, and she loves her dolls, so she easily waddles over to her corner. Right now, she was sitting with Elizabeth on the couch, flipping through a kiddy cardboard book.

“She wouldn’t understand that!” Wesley argued.

“Tessa doesn’t have a filter, and who spends the most amount of time, besides me and Drew, with her? Tessa. So whether she’s smart or not, it won’t take long for her to understand if she doesn’t at least think of it now!”

“Don’t you know how you tell kids how they came into this world? It’s a bird that carries them in blanket that hangs out of their beak that’s called a stork! You don’t tell them how it actually happens until they learn about it in health class!” Julienne sighed.

“Can we please get back to my makeup?” I asked annoyed by the conversation.

“Bye guys!” said Wesley. He hated anything to do with hair or makeup. He said that it’s a waste of time.

“See you later!”

  After they left, everyone started to fuss over every single little detail. Normally, it’s the bride worrying about the wedding, not everyone but her. From the cake to the last black head on my face, everyone had something to worry about.

‘It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!’ My phone rang out. Being careful of my freshly painted nails, I picked up my phone from the table and noticed a text from Drew.

I miss u bby!

I miss you too! Not too much longer!

Two hours is a really long time without you!

You’re so sweet! Love you!

Tell Lottie that I love her and you so so so so much!

That can be arranged! Now Tessa is nagging me. Gtg. Love you!

Love you too!

“Put your phone down! I need to do a top coat!”

  I put my phone down on the table and reached my hands out towards Tessa.

“Mummy?” Charlotte asked.

“Yes baby?”

“Where daddy?”

“He’s across the hall.”

“Can I go see him?”

“Let me call Uncle Wes to see if you can.”

“Tank you mommy!”

“Can you call Wesley?” I asked Julienne.

“Or I can go and walk down the hall!”

“Whatever you want, just see if Lottie can go with Drew.”

  Julienne got up from her seat on the couch and walked out of the door and down the hall to wear Drew was.

“Drew says he would love to have Lottie. I’ll take her now,” Julienne answered my previous inquiry and went to bring Charlotte with her to see Drew.

“Thanks Jules!”

  After Charlotte left, Tessa touched up on my makeup, helped me into my dress, and redid my hair after she messed it up getting the dress on.

“Five minutes!” Elizabeth warned.

  In five minutes, I will be ready to walk down the aisle to marry the man of my dreams. I’m not nervous at all!

Sarcasm intended.




“I object!” a voice rang through the backyard of Drew’s childhood home.

“Oh fuck.”

  I turned away from the altar to find Harry walking up the aisle, waving his hands in the air.

“What the fuck do you want?” I hissed at him.

“Look, Jessamine, what I did was terrible, and I know you will probably never forgive me, but I still love you!”

“Can we take this inside? I don’t want my daughter swearing at two!”

“As long as I’m with you,” he said smoothly.

“Just go inside!” I shoved him towards the house. I looked back at Drew and put my finger up to say that I wouldn’t be long.

  I quickly walked/jogged as fast as I could in heels and took Harry to my “dressing” room.

“What is this about?! We have no contact what so ever for more than two years after I slapped you for being a dick, and then you just magically decide to come to my wedding and object?! Do you want a death wish?!”

“Look, I still love you! And I didn’t just come to object. Perrie’s busy and Zayn wanted someone to go with!”

“So you just magically think that coming to my wedding and stopping it will make me love you?!”


“NO!” I yelled. He looked upset, after I yelled, but he deserved it. He ruined my life already; he’s now trying to kill my life. Not me, just my life. “Look, I always thought I was the problem. I always thought that I had fallen to fast, and was basically pushing you to let me into your heart. But now, I see that it was you. You had fallen for me, but didn’t want to believe it, and when you did, after we broke up, you tried all of those things to get me to love you again. I’m sorry Harry, but I will never love you again. If you like, we can try and be friends, but nothing more. But if you try anything, I will never talk to you again.”

“I don’t know. I think I still love you too much.” With that, he walked out of the house to his car. I just stood there, soaking in everything that had just happened.

“Wedding, wedding, wedding,” I muttered, remembering that Drew was still at the altar. I quickly jogged outside and down the aisle. “Sorry ‘bout that!” I apologized.

  We had already said our vows, and blah blah blah, the rings were put on the Minister or whatever did the I do things, and then Drew kissed me before he could say anything else.

People whooped and clapped and cheered as Drew led me down the aisle towards the limo that waited for us to take us to the reception.

“So what did Harry want?”

“He said that he still loved me, but when I mentioned being friends, he just walked away,” I answered. ‘More like roll, since he’s a wrecking ball,’ I thought.




  People came up to us every five minutes to congratulate us, and it got annoying after a while. Charlotte was getting tired and squirmy in my arms, and Drew just wanted to go on the plane to our honeymoon. We couldn’t just leave instantly, we had guests.

“Tessa?” I tapped on her shoulder, careful not to disturb Charlotte.

“Can you take her home? She’s all tuckered out.”

“No problem!” I handed my daughter to my sister and sighed. “I’ll see if I can start getting the guests to leave.”


“Let’s go people! Cabs and designated drivers are outside to take everyone to a hotel for the night! No charge, it’s on Drew!”

“That’s not fair! Jessamine’s rich too!”

“But you’re the dude! And isn’t it all the same money now?” Tessa yelled back to us.

“She has a point.” Drew sighed in response.  




“Can we go now?” Drew asked as Tessa shooed the last few people out the door.

“Now we can go!”

“Finally! I’ve wanted to go since the ceremony!”

“Someone’s excited!” We walked towards the limo, and bid Tessa goodbye on the way.

“We normally put her to bed at 8:30 and wakes up at 6:30. She loves pancakes, but will eat anything you put in front of her except for eggs, and she likes her bacon chewy, not crispy. Her favourite cereal is Lucky Charms, and likes a lot of marshmallows, but don’t give her too many or she gets hyper. She like her sandwiches cut into triangles and always cut up her pasta. She loves animal crackers and goldfish.  If you put all of her toys in a corner, she will always go play with them when you tell her to. No candy or pop, juice and milk only. She loves her blanket and can’t sleep without it.  You have our numbers if you need anything. Please, don’t lose her!” I instructed Tessa before we left. She was taking care of Charlotte while we were away.

“Don’t worry! Me and Wesley have everything under control! Now go have fun! But not too much!”

“No promises!” Drew yelled out the window as we drove to the airport.

  Imagine if I had married Harry. I would’ve married the thing that would ruin me, and knock me down. I would’ve married the wrecking ball, but always think it was me that wrecked everything. I am no longer a wrecking ball though. That’s our dog. 

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