The "X"

Cece, Olivia, and Zayn are all best friends. As the school year goes along Cece meets who she thinks is the man of her dreams, Liam. But Cece refuses to the one she loves or anyone her little secret. But in a shocking turn of events Olivia and Liam turn up dead, murdered. But who did this and why? But in the end Cece is forced to share who she really is with everyone!


3. The New Kid

(Skip ahead a few weeks)

Cece's POV


"Good morning class" Ms. Belle, our home room teacher said "We have a new kid at our school he came here all the way from Britain and his name is Liam, I hope you all will be nice to him".  The new kid was totally hot and I knew from the look in his eyes that he was the one, it was like love at first sight.  His dreamy big brown eyes, his beautiful brown hair, and his accent was to die for! Since he was new Olivia and I decided to become friends with him and show him around the school a little, but I could tell Zayn did not like the fact that I was totally head over heels for this guy, every time he looked at Liam you could see the rage in his eyes.  This was not going to end well...


Zayn's POV


This was not good, not only did I have to do something about Olivia liking me, but now I have to do something about this Liam guy, I am furious, this is bad news this guy has to go, NOW! But what was I supposed to do it's not like he was going disappear any time soon, so I have to think of something else to do. But what?



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