The "X"

Cece, Olivia, and Zayn are all best friends. As the school year goes along Cece meets who she thinks is the man of her dreams, Liam. But Cece refuses to the one she loves or anyone her little secret. But in a shocking turn of events Olivia and Liam turn up dead, murdered. But who did this and why? But in the end Cece is forced to share who she really is with everyone!


2. The Dance

Zayn's POV


It's time to go to the dance. Cece, Olivia, and I all decide to get a ride to the dance together. My plan was about to start "Oh Olivia! Who did your hair and your makeup it's terrible!!"  She didn't really do much so I decided to kick it up a notch. "Woah is it just me or did you grow 500 pouds in the last week!"  I guess she wasn't paying attention or something, she just sat there gazing into my eyes!  But I have to admit , when she did that her eyes did look kind of cute. But I wasn't about to get all lovey dovey. When we finally get to the dance I get to see Cece standing in her beautiful dress, that pinkish dress fit her like a glove.  And I realized I had to get rid of Olivia sooner then I thought but this girl just didn't seem to stop liking me. But I guess in the time I have I can try to make Cece jealous. So I pull Olivia away to dance, even though I didn't want to, it was a good way to make Cece jealous.


Cece's POV


I have to admit Zayn did look kind of cute when I saw him dancing but there was no way I could ever like him.  It was so weird, while I was sitting in my chair it seemed as if 100 guys came up to me and asked me to dance but none of them seemed like the right guy, and sooner or later there will be that right guy right?  I mean it was our second last year at East Side Prep and all the big dance where coming up, I really need to find the one.


Olivia's POV


The night was amazing so far and when Zayn pulled me away to dance it got that much better.  So I decided to lean in for a kiss, I mean we have been dating for a few weeks now.  But all he did was push me away, but that didn't mean I was going to give up. After all these years of wait for the right time to ask him out there was no way I would ever break up with him now.




Hey guys! Hope you still like the book I know there's not a lot going on right now but it will get better in a few chapters!  :)

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