The "X"

Cece, Olivia, and Zayn are all best friends. As the school year goes along Cece meets who she thinks is the man of her dreams, Liam. But Cece refuses to the one she loves or anyone her little secret. But in a shocking turn of events Olivia and Liam turn up dead, murdered. But who did this and why? But in the end Cece is forced to share who she really is with everyone!


1. Friends

Cece's POV


My name is Cece Stoack I go to East Side Prep with my 2 best friends Olivia and Zayn, I've known them since I was 10.  Today at school was an ordinary day, Zayn was trying to flirt me up, but I don't like Zayn, and anyways I know how much Olivia likes him, it just wouldn't be right if I went out with him.  

"Dring! Dring! Dring!" the morning bell rang and everyone at East Side Prep rushed to there home room me, Olivia, and Zayn where all in the same class.  This morning on the announcement Mr. Fitzgerald informed us all that there would be a fall school dance coming up soon, and that everyone should start looking for that special someone to go with.


Olivia's POV


It's time, today is the day I'm going to ask him out.  I ran over to Zayn:

"Hey Zayn wanna go to the school dance with me?"  I asked nervously, and to my surprise he said yes!  It was the best day ever, that whole day we did everything together.  I couldn't be happier.


Zayn's POV


What have I gotten myself into I don't like Olivia, I'm in love with Cece, but I knew I couldn't say no shes one of my best friends,and it would break her heart if I said no.  So I made a plan I'll be the biggest jerk and hopefully she'll realize I'm not the one she wants.




Hey guys this is my first movella hope you like it, like it, share, and comment if theirs anything I should change, and no negative comments! :)

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