Let me be the one to light the fire inside those eyes.


3. When we met

The first thing I remember was the day we met.


I walked through  the park with a very small layer of snow on the ground. My boots with my socks that came just obove the top of the boot, my skinny jeans, t-shirt, long jacket, scarf, and a blue beanie kept me just warm enough. I went and sat on a bench as I checked the time. "Miss can you tell me the time" at deep British accent echoed next to me. I look over and it was a boy with emerald green eyes and curly brown hair. I would recognize the face anywhere, Harry Styles. I just got lost in his eyes. "Miss are you okay" He placed a hand on my shoulder. I snapped out of my trance and snapped my gaze back to my phone. "Um... yeah... Its 12:00" he let out a little laugh at me. "thank you, Would you agree to me buying you some hot chocolate at Starbucks" he said. I could feel his gaze on me but I just smiled at my phone. "uh.. that would be wonderful" I said returning his gaze with a huge smile. He gave me the most perfect smile in the world. His smile could fix a broken heart in seconds. "okay come on theres a Starbucks right over there" he said turning his gaze to the Starbucks across the street. He gave my hand a little tug signaling me to stand up. I stood up, put my phone in my pocket, and followed him. I didn't quite understand why there wasn't any paparazzi but I guess that was good. We entered the shop and we ordered our hot chocolate. I tried to get him to let me play for mine but he wouldn't let me. "How about we go outside and drink it" "okay" I agreed as we went outside. We sat on the bench outside the shop window. "so I never got to ask you, what's your name" He said as I took a sip of the hot drink. It warmed me instantly. "Diana, Diana Greenwood" "Harry styles but by your expression when I asked you what time it is I'm guessing you know that" I giggled at his comment as I took another sip. I wrapped both of my hands around the cup to keep my hands warm. "So tell me about yourself" "Well I'm 17 and I got excepted to go to USC" "what's USC" "oh you see that tall building over there" I said pointing to the large tall building in the distance. "Yeah" "that's USC. Its a collage" "Oh what are you majoring in" he said slightly excited. "I'm majoring in theoretical physics" "wow that's some hard stuff" "yeah it is but ever sense I was little I've been interested in how the universe works so a few years ago my mom commented on how I should look into physics and I fell in love with it" "Oh I see" His phone beeped and he read the text "aww, I have to go but I would love to give you my number because me and the boys are coming back to California in this rejoin in a few months so I would love to get together and do this again" "okay" We exchanged numbers and he hopped up and said goodbye and he was gone. I sat there for a minute in complete shock but then the cold got to me and I went home to get some dinner and get some sleep.

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