Last Wish

When the boys of One Direction receive a fan letter stating a girls last wish, will they give it to her before it's too late? Will new feelings be explored?


30. Epilogue

     Five months. Five months have passed and it still feels like yesterday that Erin's died. 

     Sometimes it's like she's still here. Like I'll hear her angelic voice or her heartfelt laughter. Or even her smell. As crazy as it sounds, I smell her. Her sweet scent fills the room sometimes. Like right now. 

     "What's that face for?" Louis said as he entered the living area of the tour bus. 


     "What about her?" He asked taking a seat next to me on the couch. 

     "I smell her," I said finally looking at him. 

     "What does it smell like?" He asked. One thing Louis has been doing these past five months is talking to me more about Erin. It helps me stay calm and somewhat happy and he knows it. Everyone has been more supportive and I really appreciate it. But now I just have to get back into my routine. Like tomorrow we have our first interview in five months. We've been in "hiding" all this time and the fans are panicking. So we came back to America and now we're just hanging around being boys. 

     "Like sweet fruits," I said. "God, I miss her so much." 

     "I know you do," he said. Just then the other boys came into the room and gathered around. 

     "Niall reminiscing about Erin?" Zayn asked. 

     "I'm sorry," I began. "I can't help it. I feel like there's so much we still needed to talk about and now I don't get the chance." 

     "There's nothing to be sorry about, Niall," Liam said. 

     "You just lost the love of your life," Harry said. "It's understandable you're going to be hurting. But you have to over come it." 

     "Why don't you go visit her?" Zayn said. "We aren't doing anything and we're only three hours away by jet. Let's go pay her a visit I know we all want to see her." 

     That sounded like a great idea. So we all left the tour bus and headed to the private jet. I haven't stayed in a hotel since that night. I refuse to because it brings too many memories back. 

     ~3 hours later~ 

     Paul pulled up to the cometary. Slowly we all piled out of the car and made our way to Erin's grave. 
Flowers laid at the bottom of the tomb stone. Her name, 'Erin Rae Winters', was engraved at the top. Under it read 'We will always love you and miss you." I ran my hand over the stone and took in the cold touch. 

     "Hey Erin," Louis said. "Just wanted to stop by and say hello." I smiled from his definition of "stop by." 

     We stayed for about ten minutes talking to her and telling her that we missed her. Zayn finally suggested that they give me a minute alone with Erin. They went back to the car and I was finally alone with Erin. 

     "Hey Erin," I said. I'm not going to cry. "Talk to me please. I feel so cold and alone without you."


     I laid down on the grass over her grave. It made me feel closer to her. I didn't realize how much it comforted me until my eyes slowly began to close and darkness took over. 


     I was standing on a beach, staring out at the crystal blue ocean. My white button up shirt and black skinny jeans were flying with the wind to the east. 

     Where am I? 

     I looked all around me but saw nobody. I looked back to my right and saw something strange. Something you'd see in a fantasy. 

     Is that what this was? A fantasy? 

     I kept staring at the figure in the distance. The closer it came, the more I could make out what it was. Then I realize it was a girl walking towards me. She was wearing a long white sundress that flowed in the wind like my clothes. Her long silky hair was also flowing in the wind. And those eyes...

     It was Erin. 

     But how could it be her? This isn't possible. 

     "It's actually quite possible." 

     I turned to where the voice came from and noticed that Erin was now at my side. 


     "No, i'm Louis," she said giving me an 'are you kidding me' look . She still has her sarcastic humor. This cause me to have a huge grin on my face to appear but disappear as fast as it came. 

     "Erin what is this place? What's going on?" I asked looking around, panicked. 

     "This is the dimension between my world and yours." 

     "That's not possible," I said. "I must be dreaming." 

     "After all that time of you trying to not believe I had cancer," she began. "You still don't believe in the obvious things." 

     "It just doesn't seem real," I said. 

     "Maybe it is maybe it isn't," she said starting to walk in a circle around me. "But you dreamt of this place. You created it." 
     "Then why am I here?" I asked looking at her gorgeous, healthy figure. 

     "Do you know Niall Horan? He's in a band called One Direction." 

     "Yeah that's me," I said.

     "No it's not," she said. "Because that Niall Horan doesn't get depressed over his dead girlfriend. He lives his life to the fullest." 

     "That doesn't explain why I'm here," I said with a confused expression on my face. 

     "I helped you create this place," she said. "You needed to see me again and I needed to tell you something." 

     "Are you alright? Is heaven real? Are you happy?" I asked shooting questions at her left and right. 

     "I'm fine," she sent me one of her beautiful smiles but there was something missing. "Heaven is real and I'm happier than ever. I'm with my father now." 

     "But that's not what you wanted to tell me was it?" 

     "Niall, you need to move on. Find another girl and be happy with her," she said placing a hand on my shoulder. God how I've missed her touch. 

     "I can't." 

     "You've been sulking around for five months doing nothing but hurting yourself," she said. "I can't be at peace until you're happy." 

     "So you'd not be at peace if I kept wishing you were alive?" 

     "Yeah pretty much."

     "Ok then," I said. I didn't realized how selfish I was being until those words came out of my mouth. 

     "Niall!" She exclaimed. 

     "I'm sorry," I said. "I want you to be happy and at peace but I'm also not ready to let go of you." 

     "You don't have to," she said. "I'll always be with you, right here." She put her hand on my chest over my heart and I felt my heart flutter. 

     "But what if I find someone else?" I asked. "I'll be replacing you." 

     "No you won't," she said. "I want you to be happy and find someone else." 

     "Is that what you really want?" I asked. 

     "It is." 

     "I love you Erin," I said. "I always have and always will. Until the end of time." 

     "I love you too, Niall," she said. She came closer and placed a soft lingering kiss on my lips. She pulled away and began walking away in the direction she came. 

     "I love you Erin!" I shouted. She turned around and shot me that smile I've always loved. 

     "I love you Niall!" 



     I opened my eyes to Louis shaking me. Where are we? Did I fall asleep? 

     "What happened?" I asked trying to sit up and realizing I was laying on Erin's grave. 

     "You fell asleep on Erin's grave," Zayn said helping me sit up. I looked up at their faces and realized it was now dark out. 

     "What happened?" Louis asked. 

     "I saw Erin," I said. The look on their faces told me they were as shocked and confused as I was. "She told me to move on and be happy." 

     "Come on," Louis whined. "She didn't say she missed me?" 

     Zayn and I both laughed and eventually Louis joined in. It felt good to laugh again. 

     "I missed seeing you happy man," Zayn said helping me to my feet. 

     "Me too." I said. 

     "Come on," Louis said. "Everyone's waiting." 

     I turned and placed a loving kiss on Erin's tomb stone. 

     "I love you," I whispered. "And I'm going to make you happy and proud." 

It's over guys! *cry* 

I have to say I enjoyed writing this story despite all of the crying while writing it. 

Thanks for all of the support and votes! Keep em coming! 

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