Last Wish

When the boys of One Direction receive a fan letter stating a girls last wish, will they give it to her before it's too late? Will new feelings be explored?


9. Chapter 9

Erin's POV

     Niall and I finally got out of the car and walked into the doctors office. The whole time he held onto my hand. 
     Of course he had an oversized hoodie covering up his identity. 
     I walked over to the nurses to check in. I signed my name on a sheet of paper. By the looks of it I should be in and out of here like that. 
     "You could just have a seat and we will call you in when the doctor is ready" the nurse said. 
     "Ok thank you" I said. I made my way over to a seat and Niall sat down next to me. 
     When I got comfortable, my phone buzzed in my bag. I pulled it out and noticed I had a message from my mother. Or as my phone says, Smother. 
     Smother: I'm at the store. Do you need anything?
     Me: no I'm good. Thanks. 
     Smother: ok :)
     'Doesn't require a response' I thought. 
     "What?" Niall asked. 
     "No my mother asked me something and I said no and she's like ok and I'm like that doesn't really need a response" I said. 
     He let out a chuckle. 
     "Well no being rude or anything but if you get annoyed easily then you are going to have the time of your life with us" he said sarcastically. 
     "Yes but it's worth it" I said. 
     "Erin Winters?" The nurse called. 
     "Coming" I said. I got up and took Niall's hand so he would follow. "Come on slow poke"
     "Coming I'm coming. I was just dreaming about food" he said earning a laugh from me. 
     "We'll get something when we are done here." I said. 
     "Yess" he said. 
     We walked into a room and I sat on the patient bed while Niall sat on the chair. 
     A few minutes later the doctor walked in and shut the door behind him. 
     "Hello Erin how are you?" the doctor said. 
     "About as normal as a dying girl could be" I said. 
     "Erin" the doctor said disappointed. 
     "I know I know I'm sorry" I said. 
     "Ok. Now who is this?" The doctor asked gesturing towards Niall. 
     He looked at me and I nodded my head telling him it was ok to take the hoodie off. 
     "Niall. Niall Horan" he said. 
     "Oh my gosh my daughter absolutely loves you. I'm doctor Kepner." The doctor said. 
     "Hello" Niall said. 
     "Well now back to Erin" the doctor said. 
     "That was a nice bromance going on their" I said pointing my finger back and fourth between Niall and Dr. Kepner. 
     "Just wait until you see the bromance with me and the boys" Niall said. 
     "Oh I can't wait" I said cheery. 
     "So now I'm going to go get the medicine. I will be right back." Dr. Kepner said. 
     "Um Dr. Kepner, about that" I began. 
     "You aren't getting side effects are you?" He asked concerned. 
     "No. I'm actually going to be leaving for about three months and I was wondering if I could have the medicine." I said. 
     "Where are you going?" He asked. 
     "I'm going with the boys on the rest of their tour" I said. 
     "Well I guess I could give it to you but someone needs to inject it for you." The doctor said. 
     "I'll do it" Niall said. 
     "Are you sure?" I asked him. 
     "Of course." He said walking over to me. "I told you I'm here for you" 
     "Thank you" I said smiling. 
     "I'll be right back with the medicine and then I will teach you how to inject the medicine Niall." the doctor said leaving the room. 
     "You do realize you have to inject this in my lower stomach" I said. 
     "Just as long as it isn't anywhere else I'm good" he said. 
     Shortly after the doctor returned. 
     "Ok Niall come here and wash your hands for a full minute." The doctor said. Niall did as he was told and then dried his hands. 
     "Now Erin I want you to lay down on your back" the doctor said. 
     "Got it" I said. 
     I laid down and the doctor gestured for Niall to walk over and he did. 
     "No you have to inject the needle in her lower stomach. Erin lift your shirt up and undo the zipper a bit" the doctor said. 
     I lifted my shirt up and undid my pants. I looked up to see Niall as red as a tomato. 
     "Niall you ok?" I asked snapping his out of his gaze. 
     "Yea. Just a bit awkward" he said. 
     "Yea but it will be over before you know it" I said. 
     The doctor placed the medicine inside the needle and gave it to Niall. 
     "Now I'm going to demonstrate how to do this and then you are going to do it ok. Pay close attention" the doctor said. 
     I could just hear mumbling from the two. I always hated this part. I laid my head back and tuned everything out. 
     Then I felt a little pinch and I jumped a little. 
     "Sorry" Niall said to me pulling the needle out of my lower stomach. 
     "Perfect. If she jumps a little like that then that means you got it in just right. Isn't that right Erin?" Dr. Kepner said. 
     "Absolutely" I said trying to hide the pain. Did I happen to mention that the medicine hurts when it is traveling through my bloodstream. I pulled my shirt down and buttoned my pants back up. 
     "You feel it traveling through your body don't you?" Dr. Kepner asked. 
     "Oh yea" I said making a face full of pain. 
     "Did I do something wrong?" Niall asked panicked. 
     "No. When this happens then that means you go it in perfectly. Nice job son" the doctor said. "I have a case of the medicine ready for you. But Niall do you mind?" The doctor asked pulling his cell phone out. 
     "Not at all" he said. 
     "Erin could you?" The doctor asked handing me his phone. 
     "Not at all. Smile" I said taking a picture of both of them smiling. 
     "Thanks Erin. My daughter is going to love me" he said. 
     "No problem." I said. 
     "Ok I'll be right back with the case of medicine" the doctor said leaving the room once again. 
     "Thanks for offering to help with the medicine" I said to Niall. 
     "It's no problem. Besides it could be like our little secret when you're with us?" he whispered the last part while leaning closer to me. 
     "Definitely" I whispered back. 
     We both would have kissed each other right then and there but the doctor came back in with my medicine. 
     "Here you go" he said handing it to me. 
     "Thank you. Bye" I said as me and Niall walked out of the room, hand in hand. 
     "Bye. Be careful" the doctor yelled after us. 
     We walked out of the building and got back in the car. 
     "Food?" Niall asked. 
     "Yes Niall we will go get some food now" I said starting up the car. 
     We went through the drive through at a fast food restaurant and I drove back home. 
     We got out and went inside. My mother wasn't home so I had a little time alone with Niall. 
     I took a seat at the counter. Niall did the same and ate his food like there was no tomorrow. 
     "I'm guessing you weren't that hungry?" I asked sarcastically. 
     "No not really" he said. 
     After eating I cleaned up and went up to my bedroom to start packing. 
     I was in the middle of folding a shirt when there a knock at the door. 
     I turned around to see Niall standing there awkwardly. Almost like he was afraid to tell me something. 
     "Well don't just stand there you dork. Come in" I said. 
     "Erin you are so irresistible" he said. 
     "Wha-" I started to say but was interrupted by Niall's lips being placed on mine. He started kiss me very passionately while moving backwards. Before I knew it, the back of my legs hit the bed and he was laying me down. He hovered above and put his hand on the back of my neck to intensify the kiss. I wanted to stop him but it just felt so right. I let him continue...


Two chapter in one night, awesome! 

Hope you guys like it. I would love to hear what you think about it!

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