Last Wish

When the boys of One Direction receive a fan letter stating a girls last wish, will they give it to her before it's too late? Will new feelings be explored?


8. Chapter 8

Niall's POV

     Watching Erin and her mother cry like that made me feel sick on the inside. I couldn't take it anymore so I got on my knees and hugged them both. Me and Erin were practically sandwiching her mother in. 
     I looked up to see Erin's face. 
     'Thank you' she mouthed. 
     'Your welcome' I mouthed back. 
     Finally we all broke apart and got up off of the floor. 
     "I'm sorry Niall. I'm sure you're going to take good care of Erin while she's with you" her mother said. 
     "I promise with all of my heart that I will keep her safe. By the way, what's your name?" I asked a bit embarrassed. 
     "Oh haha that's right we never really properly introduced ourselves. I'm Jane" she said. 
     "Got it. Hello Jane I'm Niall. It's nice to meet you." I said. 
     "Like wise." Jane said. 
     "So when do we leave?" Erin asked. 
     "Tomorrow" I said. 
     "Tomorrow?" She asked with her mouth open in shock. 
     "Yea" I said not understanding what the problem was. 
     "But I have to pack. And I have to get my school work and I have to go to the doctors today" she rambled on and on. 
     "Sweetheart calm down" Jane said. "School ends for summer break in a couple of days and you've already taken your finals. So that's done and out of the way. You are going to the doctors and when you get back you will pack your bag. Tomorrow you leave at dawn" 
     "Dawn. What the hell?" She ask in disbelief. 
     "Welcome to my hectic schedule Erin" I said. 
     "I'm not liking it here so far" she said jokingly earning a chuckle from me. 
     "Ok. I should get dressed for the doctor so if you guys don't mind" Erin said referring to me an Jane leaving the room so she could change. 
Erin's POV. 

     I got dressed and walked downstairs into the living room. Niall's was sitting on the couch browsing through his phone. My mother was channel surfing. She ended up on the cooking channel. Figures. 
     "I'm leaving now" I said. 
     "Oh sweetheart take Niall. He will be bored out of his mind if he's left here with me" she said pointing to Niall. 
     "You want to come Niall?" I asked. 
     "Sure. If it's not awkward" he said getting up off of the couch and leaving the house with me. 
     "Nothing is more awkward than making out on your bed and having your mother walk in on it" I said laughing nervously. 
     "Yea" he chuckled "that was pretty awkward" 
     "But it was a good awkward right?" I asked curiously. 
     "Absolutely" he said flashing me a bright smile. 
     "Well here's my car" I said pointing to the silver Range Rover. 
     "Wow nice car" Niall said shocked. 
     I laughed. 
     "I knew it'd trick you. I share it with my mother. I wish it was all mine" I said. 
     "Speaking of. Why do you say mother instead of like mom?" He asked getting in the car. 
     "I'm not sure really. It's just like an  instinct to call her that" I said getting in the drivers seat. 
     "Interesting" he said. 
     "Eh not really. Buckle up." I said. 
     We did as I said and I began driving. 
     "How often do you have to go to the doctors?" He asked after a long period of silence. 
     "At least twice a week" I said. 
     "Wow" he said. "How is this going to work while you're away?"
     "Well I go to the doctors twice a week to get an injection. I'll just get a supply of it and bring it with me" I said. 
     "Oh I guess that works" he said. 
     "I'll make it work" I said determined. 
     After five minutes of talking with Niall, I finally pulled into the parking lot of the doctors office. 
     "You sure you want me in their with you" he asked taking my hand in his. 
     "Yea. You make everything easier to go through" I said. 
     He leaned over the console and kissed me softly. 
     "What was that for?" I asked gazing into his eyes. 
     "Letting you know that I'm here for you" he said. He reached a little further and gathered me in a hug.
     "I promise" he mumbled into the crook of my neck. 


They're kissing! OMG 



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