Last Wish

When the boys of One Direction receive a fan letter stating a girls last wish, will they give it to her before it's too late? Will new feelings be explored?


6. Chapter 6

Erin's POV

     I woke up in my room under the covers. I rubbed my eyes so that they would focus that much faster. I sat up and looked around my room. My eyes stopped on a pair of sneakers by my closet door. 
     Why was there a pair of boys sneakers in my room?
     That's when I remembered yesterday. 
     The only thing that came to mind. 
     I got up out of bed with a slight smile on my face and headed downstairs to the kitchen. Man was I hungry. 
     As I walked down the stairs I stopped as I heard my mom and someone else talking. I recognized the other voice to be Niall's. 
     "So she seems so ok with her...condition" Niall said. 
     "She seems that way on the outside but deep down I know it's bothering her." My mother said. "I want to thank you for protecting her yesterday. Lord only knows what would have happened if she was caught in that crowd" 
     "It's no problem. I'm sorry my problems came to get her" Niall said. 
     "I don't think it bothers her. I think it meant a lot to her that you spent time with her yesterday" my mother said. 
     "I hope so" Niall said. 
     "It sure did" I said walking into the room. I grabbed an apple and sat next to Niall at the counter. His cheeks seemed to get a bit red from embarrassment. 
     "Yes I heard it all" I whispered into his ear. He let out a chuckle. 
     "You have good ears" he said. 
     "Depends on who's talking" my mother said. 
     "You hear something? It sounds like a dull roar" I said looking around the kitchen. 
     "Ha-ha very funny" my mother said sarcastically. "So what do you guys have planned for today?" 
     "Well mother, Niall and the boys have to get back on tour and I have to do something at the doctors." I said. 
     "Well about that" Niall said. "I talked to your mum about this and she seems to be ok with it" 
     "What's going on?" I asked a little concerned. 
     "You said to wanted to travel the world. I talked to the guys about it and we want you to come with us for the rest of our tour." Niall said. 
     I sat there in shock. Did he just ask me to go on tour with him?
     "Sweetheart" my mother said. Oh god stop saying that. 
     "Um. Can you pinch me? I think I'm dreaming" I said holding my arm in front of Niall's face. 
     "You're not dreaming" he said phishing my arm away. "We really want you to come with us"
     "How long?" I asked. 
     "We have about three months left on the tour. We started here in America and we've only had one show already. So we still have a lot of places to go" Niall said. 
     I smiled like a freak. I was beyond happy. I jumped off of the seat and wrapped my arms tight around Niall's neck and hugged him. 
     "I'll take that as a yes" he said trying to breath. 
     "OMG yes yes yes thank you!" I screamed jumping up and down while clapping. 
     "Now honey, you have to be careful while you are away." My mother said. Now I was pissed. One moment. She can't just let me have one moment? 
     "Yes mother I know. I can't do too much of this or I can't do that. I would like to do something where someone doesn't remind me every two seconds that I'm dying!" I yelled. I bolted out of the kitchen and ran into my room, slamming the door shut behind me. 
     I laid down on my bed and buried my head in a pillow. I let the tears fall at their own will. 
     A few minutes passed before I heard a knock at the door. 
     "Go away" I said. 
     "Come on Erin just let me in" a familiar Irish accent said. 
     I didn't answer. I just let more tears fall down my face. Then the door opened and Niall walked in. He walked over to my bed and sat down next to me. 
     "What's wrong?" He asked. 
     "I am so sick and tired of my mother reminding me every few seconds that I'm dying. She can't let me just live life. Or what's left of it" I chanted. 
     "She's just trying to protect you" he said. "She just loves you so much and she can't bear to see you, you know." 
     "Dying?" I said bitterly. 
     "Come on Erin, climb off it" he said. 
     "What?" I asked chuckling a bit. 
     "I don't know I heard it on a tv show" he said. 
     "Stealing quotes now are you?" I asked. 
     "A little" he said a bit shy. He put his hand on my arm and began rubbing up and down. All of the tension and anger deep inside of me went away almost instantly. 
     "So are you still going to come on tour with me?" He asked. 
     "Me?" I asked sitting up. 
     "I mean us?" He said quickly to hide his embarrassment. 
     "I would love it" I said. 
     We both moved closer and gave each other a comforting hug. I definitely needed a Horan Hug. 


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