Last Wish

When the boys of One Direction receive a fan letter stating a girls last wish, will they give it to her before it's too late? Will new feelings be explored?


5. Chapter 5

Ellie's POV

     "Um can you just hang here a minute? I have to make a quick phone call" Niall said as we reached the park. 
     "Yea I'll be over there" I said pointing to a bench. 
     He walked away and pulled his phone out of his pocket. 
     I walked over to the bench and pulled my phone out. I was about to go on Twitter when someone screamed "Ellie!"  
     I looked up to find my best friend, Beth, walking over to me with her baby brother. 
     Funny story. Her mother married a younger man and got pregnant. So her brother is only 3 and we are 16. Haha funny story. Ok not really. But you get it. 
     I stood up and walked over to them.
     "Hey guys" I said. I crouched down so I was her little brother, Devon's, height. "Hey Devon what's up?" 
     "Playing in the park" he said. He can't really pronounce words properly. He is so adorable. 
     "Yea? Did u go down the slide?" I asked. 
     "Yea" he yelled jumping up. 
     "Ok ok no more yelling Devon. Ellie is very tired." Beth said picking him up and holding him. Beth has been the best friend anyone could ask for. Since she found out, she makes sure people aren't bothering me or making fun of me. 
     "So what brings you to the park?" Beth asked me. 
     "Oh you know. Just taking a stroll" I said. 
     "With a boy?" She asked pointing to Niall. 
     She doesn't know that I've been with Niall the past couple of hours. I can't tell her either cause she would go insanely crazy. 
     "Um no" I said turning my head trying to hide me blushing. 
     "Mm ok" she said in disbelief. 
     Just then Niall started to walk over to us. Oh god. Here we go. 
     I ran over to him and turned him around so that Beth wouldn't see who it really is. 
     "So you're not with a boy?" Beth yelled sarcastically. 
     "A friend?" Niall asked giving a little chuckle. 
     "A fan" I said. "Of you" 
     "Oh" he said getting a little worried. 
     "Yea. Can you make a run for it?" I asked. 
     "Can YOU make a run for it" he asked emphasizing the 'you'. 
     "I will. For you. Ready?" I said. 
     He nodded his head. 
     "One...-" I started but was interrupted. 
     "OMG is that Niall Horan?!" A girl screamed. 
     "Three!" I yelled. 
     We both began to run. I looked behind me and a bunch of girls were chasing us. After running out of the park and down two blocks, I started to have trouble breathing. 
     "Niall" I panted. 
     He stopped quickly and picked me up bridal style. Oh dear god please don't drop me Niall. He ran a little further and ran around the corner into a dark alley. He ran behind a dumpster and squatted. I was now in his lap with his arms wrapped tightly around me. I think he's just as freaked out as me. 
     "Are you ok?" He whispered. 
     "Yea" I lied. My lower stomach is hurting from all of the running. Ow ow ow. 
     "How much does it hurt?" He asked. 
     "What are you talking about?" I asked trying to hide my pain. 
     "My arms are wrapped around you Ellie. I can feel that you're breathing is abnormal" he said. 
     "Niall I'm fine. Do you think they know where we are?" I asked. 
     "No. They would have found us by now." He said. 
     "Ok" I said. 
     Just then my phone rang and my ring tone was really loud. Really loud. It was echoing off of the brick walls around us. 
     I frantically reached into my pocket and pulled it out. It was Beth.  I shut the ringer off and breathed a sign of relief putting it back in my pocket. Nobody heard or found us. 
     "Sorry" I said. 
     "For what?" He asked. 
     "All of this" I said. 
     "It's not your fault. I'm the one who suggested we go out. I should have figured." He said. 
     "Yea you guys are pretty popular here" I said. 
     I was getting really tired so I laid my head on Niall's shoulder. He tightened his arms around me. At least I don't feel like a total idiot. I felt safe. Like I couldn't be harmed by all of the screaming fans. 

Niall's POV

     I loved holding her there. I felt like I could protect her from the bad things in life. Like her cancer. I still can't believe she has cancer. 
     I moved my left arm up to her hair and started to run my fingers through her hair. I could feel her tense body loosen up. 
     "Feeling better?" I asked her. 
     "Yea. Thank you" she said. 
     "Good. I'm gonna get us out of here" I said reaching my right arm into my back pocket to get my phone. I dialed Liam's number and he answered on the third ring. 
     "Hey man how's it going with-" he started to say but I interrupted him. 
     "I need you to pick us up. We are in an alley about two blocks down from the park. Fans found us." I said frantically. 
     "I'll be there in 10" and with that he hung up. 
     "Liam will be here soon" I said. 
     She didn't answer. I looked down and saw her fast asleep. She looked so beautiful. Every couple of seconds she would flare her nose. Cutest thing I ever saw. 
     After about 10 minutes I heard a car pull up. I stood up, carrying a sleeping Ellie bridal style, and got in the car. 
     "Hey thanks man" I said. 
     "No problem. You saved me last week from that huge crowd. I owed you" Liam said. 
     I didn't want to lay Ellie down so I just kept her in my arms with her head on my shoulder. 


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