Last Wish

When the boys of One Direction receive a fan letter stating a girls last wish, will they give it to her before it's too late? Will new feelings be explored?


3. Chapter 3

Erin's POV

     "So what's going on?" I asked after a long period of silence. 
     "We read your letter and so then we called your mother and we wanted to surprise you." Liam said. 
     "We wanted to give you what you've always wanted." Niall said. 
     They read my letter. OMG they read my letter!
     "You guys read my letter?" I asked excited. 
     "Yes" Louis said. 
     "Oh ok wow um this is new." I said. 
     "You're ok right?You're not going to faint are you?" Liam asked letting out a small chuckle. 
     "Of course not" I said. 
     "So you're ok with this?" Zayn asked. 
     "What type of question is that? One Direction is standing in my room" I said. 
     "Yes we are" Harry said. 
     "Well sit. Make yourselves at home" I said. They all walked over to my bed and plopped themselves on it like I did before. I laughed and sat back down where I was. 
     "You guys didn't have to do this. If you don't want to be here then you can go." I said. 
     "What makes you say that?" Niall asked. 
     "Come on. You guys are the most famous band in the world and you're sitting in my room. You obviously read my letter so you know what's wrong with me" I said. 
     "Hey, I know we have only met but you have nothing wrong with you. Most fans would be hyperventilating on the floor by now. Not sitting next to us on a bed." Niall said. I laughed knowing he was right. 
     "See you're smiling already. There's nothing wrong with you" Niall said. 
     "So weird chemistry going on here. We're going to leave you guys to it" Harry said leaving my room. The other boys followed and Niall stayed. He laid on his back and spread out on my bed, hitting my knee in the process. 
     "Hey, you gonna leave me some room?" I asked crawling into a ball so he had more room. 
     "Not sure. This bed is greatest thing to comfort I've had in forever." He said. 
     "Fine." I said spreading my legs out on top of his legs. 
     "So you wanna talk about it?" He asked. 
     "Talk about what?" I asked. 
     "Come on. I know you know what I'm talking about." He said. 
     I signed loudly, grabbed a pillow and started played with the strings. 
     "Well a while ago I started getting bad abdominal pains. Then the lower back pains came along. I told my mother but she was so sure it was just growing pains." I said. 
     "I probably would have thought the same thing." He said. 
     "Yea I thought the same thing for a while too. Then I started to loose my appetite and I ate less and less every week. She finally realized that something was wrong and took me to the hospital. After some tests I was diagnosed with stage one Ovarian Cancer." I said. I was now I'm tears. So was Niall. 
     "I'm sorry. I didn't know it was that bad" he said. 
     "It's ok. It took me a while to try and understand what was happening but I've made my peace with it." I said. 
     "You mean you're ok with what's going to happen?" He asked propping himself on his elbow to face me. 
     "Yea. I'm ok with it." I said. 
     And with that he just nodded his head...

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