Last Wish

When the boys of One Direction receive a fan letter stating a girls last wish, will they give it to her before it's too late? Will new feelings be explored?


29. Chapter 29

Tissues strongly recommended...
     My body got cold and felt frozen. I didn't know what to say or do. What do you do when somebody tells you something like that? 

     "W-what do you mean she's not going to make it?" I stuttered. 

     "Look I don't have time to explain right now. She has maybe two hours left at max and she really wants to see you," Laura said. "Bring the boys too." 

     The line went dead and a sudden  burst of adrenaline jolted through my body. I jumped off of the bed and threw on a pair of clothes. I grabbed my phone and put my shoes on. Once I was done I got all the boys and we were on our way to Erin's house. 

     After a drive that felt like hours, naturally only about twenty minutes going well over the speed limit, we pulled up in front of Erin's house. All the lights were on and a unknown car was parked in the driveway. I didn't wait for the boys as I jumped out of the car and went up to the front door. Laura answered the door before I could even knock. The boys appeared at my side a few seconds later. 

     "Where is she?" I asked with anger and sadness clearly in my voice. 

     "Come in," she said moving aside for us to walk in. "They're all in her room." 

     I ran for the stairs and shot up them. But as I was walking down the hallway, I slowed down. Something was stopping me and I don't know what it was. But then I realized what was happening; 

     Erin was going to die very, very soon. I've been dreading this day. 

     I finally reached Erin's room and walked in. Erin's mother was sitting on a chair next to the bed with her head in her hands. A man was standing at the foot of Erin's bed looking at Erin. I turned my head and nearly gasped and collapsed to cry. 

     Erin was laying on her bed, under the covers, with pillows behind her to sit her up a bit. From where I was standing you could tell that her breathing had become very shallow and her face had become even more pale. 

     A minute later, the boys and Laura came up to the room and stood beside me. Out of no where, Erin turned her head to look at me, almost as if she knew I was here. 

     "Niall," she barely whispered with a slight smile. She moved her hand off of her body and held it out for me to grab. I walked over to her and grabbed her hand. 

     "I'll give you two a minute," Erin's mum said. "Dr. would you come with me please." 

     "We'll give you sometime as well," Laura said. In less than thirty seconds the whole room was cleared and it was just me and Erin. 

     "Oh gosh I probably look like a mess," Erin said covering her face with her free hand that I wasn't holding. I sat on the edge of the bed, wanting to be closer than where the chair was, and leaned closer to her body.  

     "No," I said. "You look as beautiful as ever." She giggle with whatever energy she still had left and  turned to look at me again but looking serious now. 

     "You know this is the end right?" She asked. 

     "Yeah, I do." 

     "I'm going to miss you so much," she said with  tears forming in her eyes and a couple managed to escape. I moved my free hand to her face and whipped away the stray tears. 

     "I love you so much Erin it hurts," I said. "And I'm going to miss you every second of everyday for the rest of my life." 

     "I love you, Niall" she said. I leaned closer, and for the last time that her heart was beating, we shared a passionate kiss. I could actually feel her heart beat accelerate as I deepened the kiss for the last time. 

     Once I pulled away and opened my eyes, I noticed that Erin's eyes had not opened. 

     "Mrs. Winters!" I shouted. Not even a second later, her mum came right into the room followed by everybody else. 

     "She's still here," the Dr. said after putting the stethoscope to her heart. "She's just extremely weak and will only last maybe a couple of minutes." 

     "Erin, sweetie," her mum said. "I love you." 

     "I love you," Erin whispered. "Mommy." Erin's mum started to cry as she sat next to me on the bed and grabbed my free hand. I gathered her in a hug and held her there. 

     "Goodbye mommy and Niall," Erin barely whispered again. "I love you all." 

     Her breathing slowly stopped and her grip on my hand loosened until it was nothing and it was just me holding on. 

     "Goodbye Erin," her mum said. "You were the best daughter anyone could ever ask for. Say hi to your father for me." 

     "Bye Erin," I said. "I will never ever forget you." 

     Sobs were heard all over the room. Louis and Laura were crying the hardest, besides Erin's mum and I. Louis was like a brother to Erin and Laura lost a sister. Then reality hits you right in the heart. 

     Erin is gone. 
*sniffle* totally cried while writing this. 

There will be one more chapter, maybe two, before the story is official over. *cry some more*

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