Last Wish

When the boys of One Direction receive a fan letter stating a girls last wish, will they give it to her before it's too late? Will new feelings be explored?


24. Chapter 24

Erin's POV

1 year later...

     My mother opened the door and walked in slowly, taking in my current state. "Erin do you want something to eat?"

     "No," I answered. I tired to burry my head in my pillow and imagine that she wasn't here right now. 

     "Come on sweetheart you've got to eat something," she protested. 

     I pulled the covers off of my body and sat up. "I said no! How many times do I have to say it!?" I screamed at her. 

     "Ok. I'll be downstairs if you need anything," she said. She walked out of my room and closed my bedroom door quietly. 

     I pulled the covers of my bed over my head and tried to push the world away. 

Niall's POV

     "Niall come on, you're gonna hurt yourself," Louis said as he tried to safely pull me off of the weight machine. 

     "No!" I growled. He immediately let go of me and I went back to lifting the thirty pound weight. 

     "Niall, you have to stop hurting yourself and start healing. It happened a long time ago," he said 

     "Eight months today to be exact," I said as I struggled to lift the weight. 

     "Ok. Do you want to talk about it? I know we are back in her home town but we need to do this interview tomorrow." Louis asked. 

     "There's nothing to talk about," I snarled. 

     "Really?! Because for eight months you've been doing nothing but sulking and hurting yourself! You're not the Niall we used to know and love. Dammit Niall, fans don't even remember what you look like anymore! Every place we go to, you always hide in the weight rooms!" he nearly screamed, frustration clearly in his voice. 

     "Nothin hurts as much as what happened," I said softly. 

     "I know that. Please Niall, let us help you," Louis pleaded. 

     I put the weight down and after sitting for a minute just staring at the floor, I finally nodded my head. 

     "Ok," I said starting to feel tears forming. "Please Louis I need help." 

     Louis sat next to me on the bench and hugged me. I gave in and wrapped my arms around him. 

     "We're here for you mate, always," he said. 

     And for the first time in eight months, I cried. 

Erin's POV

     "Shit Erin, you're skinny," my cousin, Laura, said as she walked into my room and sat on my bed. "If I didn't know any better I'd think it was me under there." 

     It's true. Me and Laura look almost identical. From size and shape to the sound of the voice. In the dark it's impossible to be able to tell the difference. 

     "But there's nothing wrong with you," I said. 

     "Come on Erin," she sighed. "Talk to me."

     "There's nothing to talk about," I muttered into my pillow. 

     "Really?! Because you have been doing nothing but laying in this bed feeling sorry for yourself. You can't change what happened. Anyways you were the one that wanted things to happen that way," she said. Hearing her say all of that made me break down and cry for the billionth time in eight months. 

     "I screwed up," I managed to say. 

     "You're just trying to protect him," she said rubbing smooth circles on my back. Just the way Niall used to. 

     "Stop!" I panicked. I sat up and collected myself, ripping the covers from my body. 

     "What? What's wrong?" She asked getting worried. 

     "Nothing. It's just that, that was how Niall would calm me down," I said right before the tears came back and I laid back down on my pillow. 

     "Oh Erin," she said leaning down and giving my body a reassuring hug. "It's all going to be ok." 

     "You could have told me that eight months ago," I cried. 

     "Erin," she said taking my hand and pulling me out from under the covers of my bed. "Get dressed we are going shopping." 

     "I really don't feel like going outside," I groan. 

     "And I don't want to have my god damn period but here we are, three days of bleeding later," she says. 

     "At least you can still have your period," I mutter. 

     "Oh my god I'm sorry Erin," she says apologetically. 

     "It's ok. I'll get dressed," I said heading for my bathroom. 


     "What store do you want to head to first?" Laura asked once we got into the mall. 

     "Rue 21 I guess," I shrugged. 

     "Let's go," Laura said dragging me along. 

     Once we got inside the store, we immediately went to the shoes. From flats to stiletto heals, shoes caught my eyes. 

     "I'm gonna go check out the bras ok?" Laura asked me. 

     "Yea. I'll be here," I said turning back to the shoes. 

     I looked a little bit more and then an all too familiar Irish accent made my world come crashing down. 

Niall POV

     "Louis I still don't see why we had to go to the mall," I complained as we walked into some store called Rue 21. 

     "Well, I love shopping and well, fans need to know that you're not dead," he said placing a hand on my shoulder. 

     "Good ole Louis, always funny when you need him to be," I said sarcastically. 

     "Good, now sta-," he started to say but stopped talking. He was looking past me and into the store at something. I glanced behind me and didn't notice anything strange. 

     "Louis what's wrong?" I ask waving my hand in front of his face. 

     "Sorry...just...Niall is that Erin?" He asked. As soon as he said her name I felt my heart flutter. Is she really here? I turned around and saw her. 

     I saw Erin. 

     "Go talk to her," Louis urged as he gave me an encouraging push towards her. 

     "No! Besides she's in the bra section. That would be weird," I said. 

     "Niall, you've seen her naked. How is this any different?" He asked. 

     "That was before everything happened," I muttered. 

     "Right but now you can go clear everything up," he said giving me another encouraging push towards her. 

     "I guess," I said. 

     "I'll be here if you need me," Louis said as he walked over to some mens jeans on a shelf. 

     I took a deep breath and before I even knew what was happening, I was standing right behind her. I was standing right behind Erin. 

     "Erin?" I asked. 

     She turned around and dropped the bra she was holding. 

     "Hey," I said shyly. 

     "Uh...h-hi Niall," she stuttered. 

     "Erin?" I asked unsure if it was even her. I mean she looked just like the Erin I remember but there's was something off. 

     "Ye-yea...thats umm m-me...I'm Erin," she stuttered again. 

     "Ok," I said. "How have you been?" I asked. 

     "Um, pretty good," she said, sounding unsure. 

     "Look, um I don't have time right now but do you think we could talk sometime?" I asked hopefully. 

     "Yea I'd like that. How about you come to my house later? Say four-ish?" She said. 

     "Perfect. I'll see you then Erin," I said. 

     "See you then Niall," she said. I turned around and walked away with only one thing on my mind. 

     It wasn't the same way she always said my name...

So how many of you celebrate Christmas? 

Next update with be Christmas morning! My present to you all! 

Happy Holidays! 

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