Last Wish

When the boys of One Direction receive a fan letter stating a girls last wish, will they give it to her before it's too late? Will new feelings be explored?


22. Chapter 22

Niall's POV

     Erin's surgery took longer than I thought. For five hours I was just sitting and watching the doctors while biting my nails. I don't even have any nails left. When they were finally done, they stitched her up and brought her back to the room. 

     Once Erin's mum realized she was ok for the time being, she went back to her hotel to get a couple hours of sleep. So it's just me sitting in a very uncomfortable chair next to Erin's bed holding her hand that seems to fit in mine perfectly. Her body is so still, apart from her chest rising and falling. Her having wires and tubes in her body and an oxygen tube across her face going into her nose makes this all seem too real. It's kinda of scary not seeing her up and moving. Being my bubbly and loving girlfriend. But instead, it's just silent with the occasional beeps from the monitors.  

      I was brought back to reality when there was a knock at the door, followed by Doctor Robins entering the room and shutting the door behind him. I kept my eyes on Erin not even looking at the doctor. 

     "Hello Niall," he said walking over to the foot of Erin's bed. 

     "How is she?" I asked getting straight to the point. Is it good news or bad news? 

     "The surgery was a success. She did very well" the doctor said. I felt like a ton of weight was just lifted off of my shoulder. 

     "Is she like, cancer free now?" I asked looking at him with my free hand shaking a little. 

     "From the looks of the surgery," he began "she is cancer free." 

     I breathed a loud sign of relief and my eyes started to fill with happy tears. 

     "But that doesn't mean she couldn't get it again" he said. 

     Now my heart sank again. 

     "But I'm positive she won't" he said. Geez enough with that back and fourth shit. 

     "When will she wake up?" I asked looking back at Erin's sleeping body. 

     "It depends on her. I could be a couple of hours, it couple be a couple of days. Maybe even weeks." Doctor Robins said. 

     My heart sank again. Erin won't be awake for a while will she? 


    Five days have passed and Erin still hasn't waken up. It's slowly killing me. I practically haven't even slept or even eaten in five days. Not that I care about those right now. 

      The boys are here with me as well, Erin's mum isn't. All scattered around the room sitting in these uncomfortable chairs, we are biting our nails and constantly running our fingers through our hair freaking out. 

     I couldn't take it anymore. I got out of my seat and started to pace the room practically pulling my hair out. My breathing started to get heavy and tears started to form in my eyes. 

     "Erin why aren't you waking up?" I said starting to cry. 

     "Niall, mate calm down" Louis said. He got out of his seat and put a hand on my back. 

     "Louis she's not waking up!" I cried dropping to my knees. 

     "Give it some time Niall," Liam said making his way over to us. 

     "I've gone five days without hearing her voice and it's driving me insane" I began sobbing while crawling up into a ball on the floor. Zayn and Harry came over as well and they all gave me a group hug. It was silent in the room except for the few sobs that escaped my mouth. I even heard a few heavy sighs from the boys. 

     "Niall?" A familiar angelic voice groaned. 


     The boys and I broke apart and I arose off the floor, running over to her bed. She was shifting her body with her eyes still closed. 

     "Erin, oh my god, you're ok," I said stroking my fingers through her hair. 

     "Niall" she opened her eyes revealing her beautiful blue eyes. A large smile formed on her face and I bent down so I could kiss her forehead. 

     "I missed you so much," I whispered in her ear. 

     "I'm sorry Niall. I love you I truly do," she said beginning to cry. 

     "I don't care about that anymore. How do you feel?" I asked pulling back to look at her gorgeous face. 

     "Like shit" she answered. 

     "Yup you're doing better," I joked. 

     "Only now that you're here," she said lifting her arm and putting a hand on the back of my neck pulling me down for a kiss. God how I missed those. I put both my arms on either side of her to move over her and balance my body above hers without hurting her. Both her arms made their way to wrap around my neck. 

     "Ok we're still here you know? We aren't really interested in live porn right now," Louis said. 

     We pulled away laughing and looked at the boys. 

     "I'll get the doctor to check on her," Zayn said leaving the room. 

Erin's POV

     How long was I even out for? 

     "How long was I out?" I asked. 

     "Five days," Niall says. My eyes went wide. The boys walk over to my bed and gather around. 

     "Wait is my mother...?" I asked not able to finish my sentence. 

     "She's here in England. We haven't seen here today though. She was up from yesterday morning to this morning. We finally convinced her to go back to her hotel and rest," Liam explains. 

     "Miss. Winters, welcome back I'm Doctor Robins," the doctor said walking in the room, Zayn right behind him, and standing next to Niall. 

     "Hi" I say shyly

     "So how do you feel? Any pain?" The doctor asks. 

     "Just a little discomfort in my lower torso" I explain. 

     "Well that's to be expected after that surgery," Doctor Robins says. 

     "Wait I had surgery? I thought that after I blacked out that I was just out." I said. 

     "No. I'm sorry Miss. Winters, but in order for your body to continue functioning properly we had to remove the two ovaries and the other reproductive organs," the doctor explains. 

     "Wait but that surgery was really expensive and my mother couldn't have afforded it, so who payed for it?" I asked. 

     "These boys standing in the room right now," the doctor says moving his hands to gesture to the boys. 

     I look at Niall with a shocked expression on my face. He had a shy innocent expression on his face. 

     "You didn't. Please tell me you guys didn't" I said to him.

     "Erin your body was giving out on you. We weren't going to sit there and watch you...die" Niall said. I could tell he had difficulty saying 'die'. 

     "I'm going to leave you guys to it while I check on other patients," Doctor Robins said leaving the room. 

     "How am I going to repay all of you?" I ask. 

     "Hugs and a thank you is more than enough" Louis said. 

     "Are you sure?" I asked. 

     "Erin shut up and be happy that you are alive and here with us right now" Harry said. 

      "I am. I'm lucky to have all of you," I said trying sitting up, which by the way is so freakin uncomfortable right now, so we could all be in a group hug. 

     After staying in a group hug for a couple of minutes, I pulled away and laid back down slowly. 

     "Guys if you want to go back to the hotel and rest do so," I say. 

     "Are you sure," Liam asks. 

     "Go. Rest. Eat. Sleep." I order. 

     They all agree and give me a kiss on the forehead before they leave. But Niall stayed. 

     "Niall go back to the hotel. Eat a mound of food," I said. "Take a shower please?"

     "I don't smell" he said putting his hand over his chest in offense. Then he made a thinking face to the ceiling and lifted his arm, moved his head and smelt his pits. 

     "Maybe not to you but to me," I said putting my hands over my nose and mouth. 

     "I'm hurt but on the other hand I'm totally distracted by the word food" he said looking at the wall smiling and daydreaming. 

     "Well when you're done with your little dream about food, go eat some!" I said. 

     "I don't want to leave you," he said grabbing my hand and holding on tight. 

     "Go home and rest. Just come back later tonight," I said. 

      He got up and walked to the door and opened it. He got into a running position and looked back at me. 

      "I'll be back in exactly two hours. Start now!" He said running out of the room and down the hospital hallway. 

     And you all want to know why I love him? Well that's why. 

Another update for my lovelies! 

My best friend, Amanda has a major performance this weekend. Can y'all wish her good luck? She would really appreciate it! 

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