Last Wish

When the boys of One Direction receive a fan letter stating a girls last wish, will they give it to her before it's too late? Will new feelings be explored?


18. Chapter 18

Erin's POV

     Today Niall had an idea of taking me somewhere quiet so that me and him could just spend some time together. 

     "How much longer?" I whined. I put my legs up on the seat and placed my head on my knees. 
     "A little longer babe. Just hold on. Breathe in and out" he said taking deep breaths in and out to demonstrate. 

     "Niall you're making it sound like I'm going into labor" I said looking at him. 

     "You're not pregnant are you?!" He panicked giving me a worried face. 
     "Niall do I look fat and pregnant to you?" I asked. 

     "I'm just joking with you babe. You look as beautiful as ever. Just calm down and enjoy the scenery until we get there." He said keeping his eyes on the road. 

     "Where is there?" I asked. 

     "You'll see" I said with a slight smile. 

     I had nothing to do so I decided to looked out the window of the car.  Trees blurred by as he drove down on the road. Tree by tree by tree, ok where are we going?!

     "Niall seriously where are we going? I'm getting claustrophobic!" I said dramatically, looking at his gorgeous face. 

     "Here!" He sang. I was about to turn my head and look out the window, but not before something went over my eyes turning everything black. I let out a scream and grabbed onto the seat. 

     "Relax babe. It's just a bandana" Niall said tying it behind my head. 

     "Where the hell'd you get a bandana?" I asked in amused confusion. 

     "Harry" he answered simply. Well that explains it. "Ok I'm going to get out and get you on your side ok?" He didn't wait cause shortly after I heard the car door close. 

     "Sure, we wouldn't have to do this is if I could just see you know without a bandana over my eyes!" I said out loud to myself. 

     Then my door opened and I felt the warmth of the sun hit my skin. Gotta love summer. Niall's hands grabbed mine and he turned my body towards the open door. I felt around with my feet and then firmly placed them on the ground and slowly, but carefully, got out of the car. 

     "Ok. Now I'm going to take you someplace" he said placing his hands on my shoulders and directing me forward. 

     "If you make me walk into something I swear to God I will hunt you down and cut off your little friend" I said stopping in my tracks. 

     "But you like him" he whispered in my ear. Since I couldn't see I didn't realize he was that close and his warm breath sent chills down my spine. 

     "Eh yea that's true" I said giving in. 

     Niall chuckled a bit and then began to lead my in some direction again. Haha get it direction? One Direction? No? Eh it was worth a try. I'm loosing it. At least I have such a sane boyfriend. I returned back to reality when I felt Niall's hands slightly moving on my shoulders. My guess is that he was dancing by the sound his shoes were making. Ok maybe he isn't that sane. Aw aren't we a perfect match? As I'm waking, blindly, I started to hear music. Not sure which kind though but it sounded beautiful. 

     "Niall where the hell are we going? I'm getting kind of freaked out" I said.  

     "Don't worry. You got me" he said calming me down. "Ok we're here" 

     "Thank the gods" I said kissing my hand and reaching it up to the sky. 

     "Ready?" He asked and I could tell he was getting excited yet he was nervous. 

     "Ready" I said confidently. 

     Niall untied the bandana and removed it from my eyes. I had to squint a little to adjust to the bright sunlight. Once my eyesight readjusted, I gasped. 

     We were at a park. An ordinary park. But it my eyes it was totally beyond ordinary. Why? Well because there was a path of candles leading to god knows where and on either side of the path were people playing string instruments. 

     "I remember seeing posters of orchestras in your bedroom," Niall began as he stood in front of me.  "That morning I was talking to your mum about coming with us, I asked her about the posters. She told me you played the violin and you always dreamed of playing in an orchestra and touring the world. Then things happened and you couldn't anymore. So I thought, if you can't go to the orchestra, why not bring the orchestra to you?" 

     "You did this for me?" I asked with tears welding up in my eyes. 

     "There's more" he said. 

     "What?" I asked in shock. 

     He took my hand and lead me down the candle lit path to an area circled with more candles. And in the middle, were flowers. 

     "Oh my gosh these flowers are beautiful" I said putting my hands over my heart. 

     "Do you see what they say?" He asks. 

     "There's a message?" I asked looking up at him. 

     "Come here" he said leading me to a tree. We started climbing a little bit and then we both sat on a branch letting our legs hang. 

     "Now look" he said looking at the flowers. 

     I looked down and finally saw the message in the flowers. 

     'I love you'

     "Niall" I said letting a couple of happy tears fall. I don't know what to say. I am too shocked. 

     "Do you like it?" He asked. 

     "I love it," I said turning towards him. "And I love you. But-" 

     "Don't say it" he interrupted by putting a fingers over my lips. He leaned in and placed his lips on mine. 

     "I love you, Erin" he pulled back and looked into my eyes. He scooted closer and pulled me into a hug. I held on tight so he wouldn't let go and see my face. 

     Oh god. What's going to happen to him when I'm gone? 

Hey guys. So sorry for not updating sooner. Reasoning, family tragedy. Had to go to Florida. And can I tell you, damn it is freakin cold here in New York compared to Florida. Damn. 

Anyways, did you enjoy? Let me know!

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