Last Wish

When the boys of One Direction receive a fan letter stating a girls last wish, will they give it to her before it's too late? Will new feelings be explored?


17. Chapter 17

Niall's POV

     Erin was sleeping peacefully on my shoulder. How do you disturb her when she's sleeping so beautifully?Well we have landed in England so I guess I'm going to have to. I was about to wake her up when she started mumbling things like 'whats that supposed to mean?' and 'what does that mean?'
     I was starting to get worried about her so I decided to wake her up. 
     "Erin" I said shaking her body. "Erin, wake up we're in England"
     She snapped opened her eyes and shot up from the seats with worry, nearly hitting her head. 
     "Woah calm down" I said gathering her in my arms. She was shaking a bit 
     "What's wrong?" I asked. 
     "Nothing. You just startled me" she said. 
     "Sorry babe, but I thought I'd tell up that we're in England!" I said trying to cheer her up. 

Erin's POV

     OMG we're in England! I shifted out of Niall's arms and looked out of the plane window. 
     "Niall we are in England!" I cheered turning towards him. 
     "I know sweetness" he said hugging me and we looked out the window again. I know I may be sitting in a plane at an airport but from what I can see, it's beautiful! I could sit like this forever. 
     "Come on babe. The boys are waiting at the luggage claim" Niall said. 
     "Oh ok" I pouted like a little kid earning a chuckle from Niall. 
     We got our carry on bags and Niall led me off the plane. As soon as we got out of the tunnel that lead from the gate to the plane, fans started to scream. Five minutes. Just five minutes. 
     Niall put his arm around me and held me close. Despite all of the screaming fans running towards us and the security running after them, I felt completely safe in Niall's arms. 
     "How the hell do you put up with this?" I asked him. 
     "I doesn't really bother me all that much. But now I have something to protect," he said tightening his arm around me and leaning closer to my ear. "My white sneakers" he whispered. 
     "You jackass" I joked hitting him in the arm. That caused all of the fans to scream and me and Niall to laugh. 
     "Just remember that every little thing you do, they take a picture of it" he said pointing to the fans.  
     "Fuck" I mutters under my breath putting my head down. 
     "Heard that" he said looking straight forward as if the fans weren't around us. 
     We finally reached the boys at the luggage claim. Unlike us, they weren't surrounded by screaming fans. Probably because they had oversized hoodies on. Lucky bitches.  By now the security finally got the screaming fans under control so they  weren't following us anymore. 
     "Hey guys" Niall greeted them. 
     "Well there you two are. Did you guys like get a room or something?" Harry asked wiggling his eyebrows and putting his hands on his hips.  
     I let out a shocked annoyed gasp and gave him the finger. 
     "Niall get your girlfriend under control!" Harry cried. 
     "Nah I'm too hungry to think. Let's get food!" He practically screamed. 
     "Same here! Oh and you guys are welcome. It's not like we got your bags or anything" Louis said handing us our duffle bags. 
     "Thank you Louis!" I over exaggerated giving him a friendly kiss on the cheek. 
     He gasped in excitement and started jumping up and down. 
     "In your fucking face Harry! I got a kiss from Erin!" He yelled. 
     Niall and I chuckled a bit before he grabbed my hand and we made our way out of the airport. Time for the England portion of the tour. 


Hey guys sorry for the long wait. Blame it all on school! 

I'll try for another chapter by Friday. Love you my lovelies! 

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