Last Wish

When the boys of One Direction receive a fan letter stating a girls last wish, will they give it to her before it's too late? Will new feelings be explored?


16. Chapter 16

Erin's POV

     ~2 weeks later~

     "Niall where's my purple shirt?"I scream/asked Niall. I am currently packing my bag in mine and Niall's room. We are finally going to England! Ahh in can't wait! I have always wanted to go there. 
     "Is it in the closet?"he shouted back. He came walking in, of course with a sandwich in his hand, and walked over to me. I was practically in the little niche but I needed to find that shirt. It's my favorite shirt I've ever owned. My father gave it to me. 
     "Nope" I said. 
     "Under the bed?" He asked. 
     I dropped down so fast that I nearly hit my head on the floor. 
     "Erin!" Niall screamed slightly. 
     I looked back up at him. 
     "Relax I didn't die" I said a bit annoyed as I was searching under the bed. 
     "Do you see it?" He asked kneeling down next to me. 
     "No" I said my voice cracking a bit. Tears started to weld up in my eyes and I felt one roll down my cheek. I sat up and rested my head on my arm that was on the bed. 
     "What's wrong?" He asked putting a hand on my shoulder. 
     "I need that shirt," I said. "It's the last thing I have of my father." 
     "I didn't know that I'm sorry" he said. 
     "Please just help me find it" I begged. 
     "Ok" he said. 
     We began looking all throughout the 'room' an tore everything apart. After a couple of minutes of searching, I finally found it lodged between the mattress and the wall. 
     I hugged the shirt tight and collapsed on the bed. 
     "Hey, what's wrong?" Niall asked concerned. He sat next to me and I jumped into his arms. He began to make soothing noises and rubbing circles on my back. 
     "My father gave this to me." I sobbed into his shoulder. 
     "Where is he?" He asked. 
     I sobbed even harder. 
     "Erin," he said pulling back. "Where is he?" 
     "He's dead" 

Niall's POV

     I didn't know her dad was dead. It made me break on the inside. She's been through so much. 
     "Do you want to talk about it?" I asked. 
     She pulled away completely and took a pillow to cuddle. She looked down at her fidgeting fingers and began. 
     "Two years ago my father got a job promotion. He's been working his whole life for this. Thing is the job was in Australia. I didn't want to leave and neither did my mother. I was so mad at him that he was making us move. I pissed him off one day when I took a box of his things and threw it down the stairs. He was never one to abuse and he didn't want to start so he got in his car and drove away. My mother and I expected him to be home in about two hours at most but three hours passed and he didn't come home" 
     "So did he like go to another family?" I asked. 
     "We got a call an hour and a half after he was expected to be home. It was the hospital. We rushed to the hospital and I found him lying on the bed. In a coma. Later I learned that he was in a head on collision with a truck five times the size of his car." She said. 
     "Oh my god Erin. I'm so sorry" I said. 
     "That's not all," she began again. "A month after lying in a coma, he died. I'm the reason he is dead. And this cancer is the punishment I deserve" 
     "No Erin that is not true" I said sternly. 
     "It is" she cried. "I'm the reason he ever left in the first place" 
     "Erin, he is your father. He would never want cancer as a punishment for you" I said 
     "Then why do I have it?" She screamed. 
     "I can't answer that. But I can tell you that you are going to be alright." I said. I moved closer and gathered her in my arms. 

Harry POV

     "Then why do I have it?" I heard Erin scream. 
     I guess she's reached her breaching point. For all these weeks she been trying to act brave but I guess it all just came out now. 
     The boys, minus Niall, and I all looked at each other. We all knew what was going on. 

Erin's POV

     It felt kinda good to finally tell someone. I've been holding it in for so long. I didn't even tell my friends back home. They would always ask where he went and I would just tell them that my parents got divorced and he moved to Australia for his job promotion. I mean that's what was going to happen anyways right?
     "Erin it's going to be ok" Niall said soothing me. I hadn't even realized until now that I was uncontrollably sobbing. 
     "He gave me this shirt two months before he died." I said a bit calmer now. 
     "He gave it to you because he loved you. He still does and he would never wish something bad for you." Niall said.
     He always knows what to say. I wiped the tears away and stood up. 
     "Come on. Let's pack for England" I said holding my hand out for him to take. 
     "Yay" he said like a little kid grabbing his mothers hand to go to an ice cream shop. 
     'Ill take you to the ice cream shop. I'll let you get a scoop or two. It's right there!' 
     I laughed to myself as I remember the little rhyme my father used to sing to me when we would go get ice cream. God how I missed him. 
     I put the shirt to my face. It still had a bit of his scent on it. 
     "I love you dad" I mumbled into it.  At that moment I felt lips on my cheek. I looked to my left expecting to see Niall but there was just empty space. 
     "Dad?" I asked into the air. Then I felt invisible strong arms wrap around me. 
     "I miss you dad. I'm so sorry" I said out loud. 
     Then I felt Niall wrap his actual real arms around me. 
     "He knows you're sorry. And I know for a fact he still loves you with all his heart" he said. 
     "Thank you" I said turning around so I could burry my face in his chest.
     "Guys you coming? If we don't leave now we are going to miss the flight." Harry said spearing at the door. 
     "We're coming" I said confidently. I put the purple shirt on and Niall grabbed my hand, leading me off of the bus. 
     We all got in the van and headed to the airport. When arrived at the airport and got out of the van, fans immediately noticed us. We made a run for it, well I just speed walked, and finally made it onto the plane. 
     "Welcome to first class" Niall whispered in my ear scaring the crap out of me. 
     "Holy shit you just scared the crap out of me" I said putting my hand over my pounding heart. 
     "Whoops?" He said but it came out as more of a question. 
     We all sat in our seats, Niall comfortably right next to me, and settled down. 
     I put my head on Niall's shoulder as my eye lids became heavy. 

     I opened my eyes and I was in a weird place. It was an open meadow but the sky wasn't normal. It looks like cotton candy with stars. 
     'Where am I?' I thought. 
     "Erin?" Someone's all too familiar voice asked. 
     I turned around and saw my father standing strong and proud. 
     "Hello sweetheart" he said with a smile. 
     Tears started to fall from my face. 
     "Dad?" I asked in shock. 
     "Hi Erin" he said. 
     I ran over to him and into his arms. I missed his big bear hugs. 
     "I'm so so sorry dad" I cried into his shoulder. 
     "Honey, it wasn't your fault. I loved you and your mother so much that I didn't want to loose you both so I wanted to take you both along with me." He explained. He put me down and stared straight into my watering eyes. 
     "But I'm the reason you were in that car. I'm the reason you were upset. I'm the reason you're dead." I said. 
     "I don't care. What's done is done and the only thing I care about is you and your mother and the fact that I love you with all my heart" he said. 
     He collected me again in his arms. 
     "Dad I don't want to let go. I don't want to loose you." I said. 
     "It won't be long now before you can be with me" he said. He let go of me and started to walk away. I tired to go after him but my legs wouldn't move. 
     "What's that supposed to mean?!" I screamed. 
     He didn't answer. He turned around to look at me but then he dissipated. 
     "What does that mean?!" I screamed. 


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