Last Wish

When the boys of One Direction receive a fan letter stating a girls last wish, will they give it to her before it's too late? Will new feelings be explored?


15. Chapter 15

Niall's POV

     We all headed back to the bus. We really didn't need to but we wanted to rest for an hour before we are surrounded my screaming fans. 
     We got on the bus and I went straight for the kitchen. I opened the fridge and began looking around for something that looked good enough to eat. 
     "You hungry goof" Erin said walking past me and I'm guessing into the bedroom. I shut the kitchen door and followed her to the bedroom. 
     "Bow chicka bow wow wow" Harry chanted as I passed his room. I stopped in front of his door and gave him the finger with him giving it right back to me. 
     I finally reached the room and saw Erin laying down on the bed. 
     "Hey you feeling alright?" I asked her. 
     "Yea" she said faintly.

Erin's POV

     I walked passed Niall in the kitchen, of course, and walked into our room. I hung my jacket up and then instantly felt dizzy and weak. 
     I laid down/fell on the bed and rested my head on the pillow. I faced the wall and closed my eyes. 
     I hear footsteps coming this way. I hope it's not Niall. I don't want him seeing me like this. The footsteps stopped at our door and I could tell that it was Niall staring at me concerned. 
     "Hey you feeling alright?" He asked. Shit. 
     "Yea" I lied. 
     He came closer and sat on the edge of the bed. 
     "Erin," he said putting a hand to my head to feel if I had a temperature. "What's up?" 
     "Nothing. Just tired" I lied again. 
     "Erin I know you. What's going on?" He asked. 
     "I felt a bit dizzy and weak," I said. 
     "Is this normal?" He asked. 
     "Yea. Happens every once in a while" I said. 
     "What can I do?" He asked. 
     "Go get ready for the concert you goof" I joked. 
     "Are you sure?" He asked. 
     "Go get ready or I will drag you by your pants from here to the dressing room" I threatened. 
     "Well when you put it like that," he said. "Are you going to watch side stage?" 
     "Duh" I said turning so I could see his face. God his face. Makes me melt every time. 
     "Good. I'll see you in an hour" he said kissing me then leaving with the boys. 


     I walked off the bus and into the building. I went straight for their dressing rooms and saw them all sitting on the couch. 
     "Hey guys!" I yelled cheerfully. 
     "Erin you're here finally!" Louis yelled back dramatically. 
     "Oh my god you two shut it. My head hurts" Zayn moaned. 
     "Too much beer?" I taunted. I walked over to Niall and sat on his lap. I placed my left arm around his neck and my other hand laid on his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the head. 
     "Something like that" he said. 
     "Well anyways" I said changing the subject. 
     "Five minutes guys" one of the backstage people said opening the door. 
     "Coming!" they all yelled. 
     We all got up and walked to the side stage. The boys got their microphones and did their pre-performance ritual. 
     They were so adorable. 
     Finally it was time to go on. They all ran on, Niall flashing me a smile before he went on, and started to sing Live While We're Young. 
     When they were halfway done with the show, they stopped. 
     "What's up Miami!" Niall yelled with his Irish accent. Too damn cute!
     "Who's ready for some twitter questions?" Harry asked. Well that got the crowd going. I actually had to cover my ears. 
     "Alright so first question," Zayn started. "@Stephanie<3Delloé says 'Can you guys dance for us?'"
     "We sure as hell can try!" Louis said enthusiastically. 
     Music started to play and the boys started to move around. Niall looked like a monkey trying to climb an invisible ladder. Louis and Harry were attempting to tango. Liam and Zayn were swinging each other as if this was a hoedown. I couldn't help but laugh my ass off. Then the music stopped and the boys returned to their somewhat normal selves. 
     "Ok next question" Niall started. "@Erin_Winters says 'Hi! You guys look stupid.'" My face blushed and I laughed at what I just sent them on twitter. Guilty! 
     "Well Erin, why don't you come on out and show the people who you are!" Niall said evilly. 
     The fans started to go insane and askin question: 
     'Who's Erin?'
     'Who's girlfriend is she?'
     'She's here?'
     I laughed silently to myself at the girls. We were walking around in public before. And I've been dating Niall for two weeks. How the hell do they not know who I am yet?
     "Never" I mouthed to them. 
     "She say no guys!" Harry said. 
     "Come on Erin" Liam persuaded. 
     "Erin! Erin! Erin!" Louis began to chant. I still refused to go up there.
     Niall gave Louis his microphone and he began to make his way off stage. I know what he's doing. Hell no!
     I began to walk away but he was too quick for me. He put his hands on my waist and draped me over his shoulders. 
     Well isn't this lovely?
     He began walking back onto the stage and I started to kick my legs an swing my arms. 
     He got on stage and just as he was about to put me down, my foot hit him right in the nuts. Score! 
     He kinda feel and I got back on my two feet. But he was dubbed over in pain and eventually started to roll back and fourth on the floor.
     The fans were going crazy.  
     "Oh come on. It's not the first time she's been in that area!" Louis said to us. The crowd was screaming so loud he sounded like he was whispering. 
     "Louis!" I screamed. 
     Someone grabbed my arm, of course Niall, and pulled me to the floor. I feel on top of him and started laughing uncontrollably. So did he. His laugh, to die for! 
     Our faces were bright tomato red by the time we stopped laughing. 
     We got up and returned to face the screaming fans. Niall took his microphone back from Louis. 
     "Guys say hello to my girlfriend, Erin" Niall said. 
     One things for sure, I will never forget this night. 


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