Summer Love

Jessica can't wait to go LA with her friends. Since it was their senior year, they have been planning and planning since 8th grade! Jessica's going through a rough time since the cancer just won over her dad. Her mom's a lawyer and never home. She just broke up with her now ex-boyfriend. She found him with another girl. Will Jessica's friends help her by going to LA or will someone else?


14. The Club

Jessica's POV:

It's been 1 month since the party and its now August 28th. The boys are going back on tour tomorrow. Zayn and Maddie are dating which we all weren't surpised about. But I don't know what's gonna happen. Between all the boys and us. We are all planning to go to college, Harry and I couldn't be any better and I don't want it to end. I let a single tear stream down my face. Unluckily for me Harry notices.

"Babe, What's wrong?"He asks worried.

"Nothing. I'm just thinking. What will happen? Us I mean?" I ask.

"Jessica, I should've asked you this before now but... Do you wanna come on tour?" He asks.

"Harry, I would come in a second. But- but I'm going to college. I love you! I really do. But you know how much my career in teaching means to me" I say.

"Of course I know that Jess! But I can't bear to be away from you for that long!" He says.

"I know babe. We'll figure it out. I'm gonna go get dressed." I say. Since the boys and girls and I are going to a club tonight. I pick out a blue lace dress with blue pumps. I put my hair in a side braid well putting on a touch of makeup and grabbing my vera Bradley from the table. I see Harry in his blazer with his dress pants and I have to comment.

"Mr.Styles you look quite handsome." I say while letting out a giggle.

"No. Miss.Wilcox you look quite lovely." He says while chuckling. This is why we're together we are like bestfriends. *At the club* I saw Taylor here. Great, sense the sarcasm? Taylor? Aka Taylor swift Harry's ex. She broke up with him. I'm not worried. I love Harry. I can tell Harry's drunk when I see him walking towards me. I tell him I'm going to the bathroom. When I come back I see Harry and Taylor making out. No! He wouldn't do this. Even if he was drunk. I see Tori and she gos over to them slaps Taylor and Harry and pulls me out the door. I can't help it I fall into a million  pieces.

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