Summer Love

Jessica can't wait to go LA with her friends. Since it was their senior year, they have been planning and planning since 8th grade! Jessica's going through a rough time since the cancer just won over her dad. Her mom's a lawyer and never home. She just broke up with her now ex-boyfriend. She found him with another girl. Will Jessica's friends help her by going to LA or will someone else?


20. Lizzie

Niall's POV:

It's been a week. Lizzie still hasn't woken up. "Lizzie. I love you. If you don't make it I still want you to know, I love you and always will. Wanna really know the truth? That girl I was with? She threatened me. I had to basically make out with her or she wasn't gonna hurt you. And I-I just couldn't let that happen."I say whimpering. Her hand suddenly moves. 

"DOCTOR GET IN HERE NOW!" I yell. He runs in putting the generator into the heart monitor. Instead of just one line on the monitor its now twirling and squirming everywhere. She suddenly wakes up. The boys and girls and I cheer. 

Zayn's POV:

"Lizzie thank god your ok!"Nialls says.

"Thank you? I don't want to be rude or anything, but who are you?" She asks Niall. 

"What Do you mean Lizzie???" Niall asks very worried.

"I don't know any of you people. Why am I here?" She asks.

"You had a big piece of a building block fall on you last week." The doctor explains.

"Oh ok. Wait but where's Austin? My boyfriend?" She asks. Oh shit.

A/N hey guys I almost cried writing this. My little Irish boy is shattered. 😭

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