Summer Love

Jessica can't wait to go LA with her friends. Since it was their senior year, they have been planning and planning since 8th grade! Jessica's going through a rough time since the cancer just won over her dad. Her mom's a lawyer and never home. She just broke up with her now ex-boyfriend. She found him with another girl. Will Jessica's friends help her by going to LA or will someone else?


3. LA

Jessica's POV:

We finally arrived in LA and found our hotel. We found a lot of screaming girls outside the hotel. Their must be stars here we all agreed. We were in the lobby and I saw him. He was so familiar. At that moment I realized it was Harry Styles. "Wow he's even hotter in person" I said to Tori. She turned around and agreed.  I didn't wanna both him but I wanted to talk to him. But I just wanted to go to bed. After we checked in we were heading towards the elevators and Harry winked at me when our eyes met. I blushed and Tori playfully hit my arm. 

"What was that for?" I asked.

"For blushing at Harry" she replyed and laughed. The elevator was closing but right before it did Harry got in. 

"Hi Loves" he said in his husky voice.

"Hi" we all replyed.

"What are you guys doing in LA?" He asked us.

"For a little vacation" Lizzie said.

I turned to him. "I'm Jessica and this is Tori Lizzie and Maddie" I said pointing to them.

"I'm Harry" he replyed while smirking. 

Sadly it door opened and it was for us. 

"See you later Jessica!" He yelled and I waved why did he just say goodbye to me and not Lizzie, Maddie or Tori I wonder out loud. They're all smirking at me. 

"HE LIKES YOU!" They all scream at the same time. I gasp. I'm super surpised he couldn't like me, could he?


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