Summer Love

Jessica can't wait to go LA with her friends. Since it was their senior year, they have been planning and planning since 8th grade! Jessica's going through a rough time since the cancer just won over her dad. Her mom's a lawyer and never home. She just broke up with her now ex-boyfriend. She found him with another girl. Will Jessica's friends help her by going to LA or will someone else?


17. Just a little bitch

Jessica's POV: I told Harry I'm his. He's mine. He's mine! Finally. I might have hated him, but he brings a smile on my face. He's all I'll ever need. *Beep Beep* I look over at my phone. "Hey love. My place 7?" xxHarry. "Sure!" XxJess Since its already 5:45 I decide to get ready. I put on a flowery dress that looks really nice. I put on my white pumps and decide to curl my brown hair. After picking my white "trying is flying" purse, I walk out the door to my Blue punch bug. *On Harry's street* It only took me 25-30 minutes to get to his rented apartment. I knock on the door, when he opens it I see him in a Beatles shirt and a blazer with dress pants. "Hey babe. You look great." He says flashing his dimples, inviting me in. I see a table with 2 plates with lace cloths. And candles. "Harry! This is so sweet. What are we having?" I ask. "Your favorite of course. Pasta!" He says. Yay! I LUV pasta. If it wasn't for Harry, I think I would be dating pasta. After dinner, he pops in the movie "Ted". Which he also knows is my favorite. After the movie, Harry tells me to get my shoes on, so I get them on. I wonder where he's taking me? After about 20 minutes in the car, Harry pulls up in a parking lot. "Harry, what are we doing here?" I ask. "We're going to take a walk around the park." He says, pointing behind him. I start blushing, how am I so dumb? "You know what?" He says. "You look so adorable when you blush." He says making me blush more. He chuckles unbuckling his seatbelt. When we were almosted finished I spotted Niall With someone that wasn't Lizzie. I got a little suspicious. He didn't spot us. It is around 12. He could be drunk. I spot them making out on the park bench. I go up to Niall. "NIALL WHAT THE HELL!" I scream. I know how it feels, I'm not letting her get hurt by this bitch. "I'm s-sorry. Don't tell Lizzie, PLEASE!" He slurred. I was right he is drunk. But that doesn't give him the right to hurt my best friend! "Just keep away from her you little bitch." I scream at him. That's all he is a little bitch. 


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