Summer Love

Jessica can't wait to go LA with her friends. Since it was their senior year, they have been planning and planning since 8th grade! Jessica's going through a rough time since the cancer just won over her dad. Her mom's a lawyer and never home. She just broke up with her now ex-boyfriend. She found him with another girl. Will Jessica's friends help her by going to LA or will someone else?


4. Harry

Harry's POV:

Wow that Jessica girl. She was beautiful! Plus, she seemed sweet, nice and totally outgoing. I have to tell the lads about her. I know we shouldn't have dibs on any girl but if we could I totally want dibs on Jessica. I hear a beep and its my floor. I see Louis in the hallway and decide I have to tell him about Jessica. 

"Hey Harry! What took so long?" Louis says as winking at me.

"Well since you asked Lou. I met a girl well not just any girl the girl." I say as we walk down the hallway towards our hotel room.

"Oh Really? Was she cute?" Louis Asks as putting his key in.

"Yes! A lot actually. She's cute, outgoing, and she seems super fun. Which is totally my type."

"Wow that seems nice, anyone with her?"Louis asks me while laughing as we walk into our hotel room with the rest of the boys already here. 

"Yes actually. Her friends Lizzie Maddie and Tori I think. Tori seems like a girl for you Lou."

"Ooh was she hot?" Louis asks. 

"Yes but stop being such a creep Lou" I say as he laughs.


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