Liam payne's twin sister?!

This is my first movella so the writing might be off a bit :s
My kidnapper shot the police took me back to my family! I finally get to see mum dad and Liam! After 13 years I am back!


3. Reunited

Liam's pov

today was our day off! And we were in London so we decided to stay together in a house for the day and have a lazy day! I don't know why but I felt as thought something good was going to happen today! I just had a gut feeling. But then to bring my mood down i remembered the day twin sister was kidnapped. I must have been crying because zayn asked "what's up mate?" Shit ermm what do I say, I haven't told them about Ashley..I guess nows the time. "Right you guys know I have 2 sisters?" They nod "Nicola and Ruth?" Harry asks "no dip Sherlock" Niall says "right see..." "Spit it out mate" Louis says "right yeah well I have a twin sister, called Ashley, we were so close and we were out one day, 24th of August, today. Then this big guy comes..." I tell them the whole story as I finish they all give me sympathy "GROUP HUG!!!!" Louis shouts! Just as we finished our group hug the doorbell rings "I'll get it!" Louis says.

louis pov

poor Liam! Aww I feel like crying!i look out the window and see a beautiful girl attempt to run out the car but she for for to undo her seatbelt! She sees me staring and looks down, probably to hide her blush! I open the door to see the beautiful girl who strangly looks alot like liam, with a policewoman by her side "umm hi?" "Hello is Liam Payne here?" The policewoman asks who's name tag reads Ella "yeah umm come in?" Ella walks in with the girl by her side. "LIAMM IT'S FOR YOU!" 

Liams pov

i run to see who is at the door and a pretty girl is stood there with a policewoman by her side, her name tag reads Ella "hello are your Liam Payne?" Ella asks "yes I am.." I say "well we have been looking in records and..." Ella tells me about Ashley and what has happened to her but I still don't know what that girl is doing next to her "if you don't mind me asking but who is this girl?" I ask very confused " Ashley" I run up and hug her so tight and she hugs back as tightly as me! Finally we are reunited! 

Ashleys pov

30 mins ago* "are we there yet?" I ask Ella for the hundredth time "NO! If you ask that one more time I won't let you see Liam!" Ella shouts angrily "geez woman!" I say under my breath. "We're here!!!" I open the car door and attempt to run out but instead get pulled back in by my seatbelt..whoops! I see a guy staring at me he smiles and I look down and blush! Whilst all that was happening Ella was knocking on the door so I quickly go a join her. The door opens and reveals an insanely hot guy "umm hi?" He says "hello is Liam Payne here?" Ella asks "umm yeah come in?" So we both step in, there house is amazing! "LIAM IT'S FOR YOU!!" He shouts my lili comes in oh god how I've missed him! "Hello are you Liam Payne?" Ella asks him "yes I am.."  He says. I zone out then. About 10mins later Liam says "If you don't mind me asking who is this girl?" He asks pointing to me " Ashley!" Lili runs up to me and hugs me so tight so I hugged him tighter! "I've missed you lili" I whisper in his ear "I've missed you too ashey" those were our nicknames from when we were younger. I start crying from all the memories and he sees and wipes them away! Finally we are reunited! 

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