Liam payne's twin sister?!

This is my first movella so the writing might be off a bit :s
My kidnapper shot the police took me back to my family! I finally get to see mum dad and Liam! After 13 years I am back!


2. Gun, suicide and police

Ashley's pov

that's weird, he missed my beating today...oh sugar monkeys that means he is going to beat me twice as hard! Just then I heard a door slam. He's home. "Where are you bitch!?" Derek shouts "in my room, where you left me" I weakly shout back. He came in with his hands behind his back, he pulled out a..GUN!?  "Say your goodbyes!" He aims for my stomach but misses! He doesn't know he missed so I pretend to be in pain "just I don't get put in jail" *BANG* my head shoots up and I see him with a pool of blood surrounding him! He committed suicide..I just watched someone commit suicide! I quickly run to my school( yea I know what your thinking..she was kidnapped yet she goes to school? Well no one knew I was kidnapped here and Derek said if I tell anyone then I would die a slow and painful death) anyway I ran to school with Derek's blood stained on my shirt, just as I was about to enter my bully a.k.a Sophie Smith came..shit.."yo bitch" I just kept my head down and walked away "don't you ignore me!" She shouts "s-sorry m-m-miss" just then her phone rings, saved by the bell ;) "your lucky I have class but when I next see you..your getting hurt" she scurries off. Phew!. Right anyway I go to my favorite teacher mr. Bakewell "SIR SIR HELP" "yes ms Payne what can I help you with?" I ignore all the stares from his class and tell him "when I was 7 I was kidnapped and the news never got round to here so he took me here and has been beating me raping me and all that this morning he never did his usual beating so I knew something was going to get worse! When he did come in my room he had a gun, he thought he shot me but he didn't so I  pretended I was in pain so he would leave me alone and I could escape but then he said 'just so I can't go to jail' and then he shot himself and I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!? I just watched a man commit suicide" I said all in one breath slowly fading out at the end. I look at mr bakewell and his mouth is hanging open in shock I slowly look at the class to see Sophie (my bully) starting at me with guilt written across her face.. I snap out of my thoughts and turn to sir (I'm going to call mr bakewell sir) who is on the phone talking to the police. After about 10 minutes of pity from sir ad the class Sophie comes to me and apologises "I am truly madly deeply ( see what I did there ;) ) sorry I didn't know I really am sorry" she apologises "you must be stupid to think I am going to forgive you after 13 years of HELL!" After I said that she raised her hand to slap me but sir held her back, thank god! Just then the police burst through the door and start asking me questions like my name age family who I don't know and about Derek. They finally came to a decision to let me go back to my family! "I am sorry miss Payne but we can't seem to find your parents on our system" I immediately start crying "but.." I look up "we have found your brother Ermm his name is Liam Payne and he is is a famous band called..Ermm...One direction!" All I can think is:

I'm meeting my brother again..after 13 years!    

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