Falling Over You

Ella Reid is only 17, has lots of friends, and is super popular. That was before she moved. Now she's the new girl with no friends. Will she get back to the top? Also, Ella is falling for a guy, hard. With the new girl reputation, how will she get to be with the guy? Read to find out.


1. Neighbours

Ella's POV

Finally the last box. Time to enjoy my new house. Ding dong, the doorbell sounds. Seriously? Well, mom isn't going to get it.I run to the door.

"Hello!" A girl quite a bit older than me says.

"Hi." I reply. I'm not all that good with new people.

"I am Gemma, your new neighbour!" The girl says.

"Um... I am Ella. Nice to meet you." I say, trying to sound enthusiastic. The truth is, I'm not excited about moving. It sucks.

Gemma hands me a welcome basket and shows me her house.

"You can stop by anytime, Ella!" And with that, she leaves.

I admit, it's nice having a young neighbour! I mean, she's older than 20, but still.

Ugh, 2 whole weeks of nothing. It's summer! I have no friends. There is a pool in my backyard, hot tub in my ensuite, and home theatre in my basement. Let's just say, my parents are lawyers.

The new house is pretty sweet, but I'd give up all of the extras for my friends back home.

I decide to go over to Gemma's house. Hey, she said go to her house anytime! I walk up to her house and ring the doorbell. I am surprised to meet a boy, about my age with curly brown hair. I kind of just stare... He's hot.

"Erm, hello?" He says. I am still speechless, until I realize he's talking to me.

"Oh uh, hi! Is Gemma home?" I smile warmly, which he returns.

"Why, yes! Lemme go get her." He runs back into the house and returns with Gemma.

"Ella! Nice to see you once again!" Gemma says cheerfully. She invites me in.

"I see you have already met my dear brother, huh?" She says while making some tea.

"Yeah. What's his name, anyways?" I ask.

"Harry Styles." Gemma says. Now I know the name of my future boyfriend...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hiya!!! Thanks for reading! Sorry about the shortnessness of this chapter! It's like an introduction thingamabob! (Auto correct didn't even try to correct 'thingamabob'!!!) So I am K to the J! Btw Ella's full name is Daniella Reid (so there is no confusion for future chaptas) so thanks for ready my fabulous story thing! BYEEEE (I'll hopefully post sooooon) -KJ

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