Georgia never thought she would end up with the towns bad boy. She never realised what trouble she would get into when she would first get with him what will happen to her?


5. Thanks Harry

Georgia's pov


"Erm hi." I say trying to be some what polite.

"well this is a nice surprise." Harry says winking. He then jumps beside me.

" So what you doin here then?" He asked confused.

" Nothing I was just going to go home." I'm so bad at lying.

" Oh right want a lift home?" He asked, eh I don't know what to say fuck do I say yes or no. Well I do need a lift home erm.

" Yes please." Fuck why did I say that.

" Great just let me get a drink and I'll take you." Right I need to tell Niall. 

I wonder upstairs looking for him. The weird thing is I hear voices. Like nialls and a girls maybe I don't know I don't want to be nosy. Ok I lied of course I do. I put my ear up against the wall to hear what they're saying. 

"Rachael why are you here?" Niall asks 

"Niall don't be silly you know why I'm here." So called Rachael says.

"And I told you I don't want to do this anymore." He says to her. 

"Fine. Is it another girl or something?" Woah this girl sounds bitchy 

"Yes it is." Niall replies.

"Well I'm going to fucking kill that bitch when I see her." Woah okay that's a wee bit harsh.

"No your not." Niall says plainly.

"Okay only if I can get one last kiss." Right okay if he kisses her he doesn't care that much about me and if he doesn't then he does right okay.

"Okay but only one last one." I can feel the tears falling down my face. I run downstairs and bump in to harry.

"Hey what happened." He asks hugging me.

"I was stupid." Is all I can croak out.

"Why were you stupid?" Harry asks confused. 

"I thought Niall was different but he's not."  I say starting to get pissed of I mean I know he only kissed her to get rid of her and all and I'm probably being stupid but if he even cared one but he would of said no and wouldn't of kissed her. I mean yeah one date and all that but I honestly thought he was different than I first thought he was like but he's not. I really just want to go home. 

"It's okay I understand. Want to go home now?" Harry asks

"yeah." I sigh out. 

When I get outside he takes me to the garage and there's a freaking land rover. I love land rovers. 

"Nice car." I say gawking at it harry just starts laughing. He opens the door for me. Well that was nice. 

"What's your address?" He asks and puts his hand on my thigh. Excuse me?!?

"16 palace street." I say just staring at his hand. He notices me looking and quickly moves his hand. 

Harrys pov 

nice one niall you've just fucked up and now georgia will be mine. I need to start making a plan to get her closer and closer to me. 

"Thanks harry." She says to me.

"What for?" I ask already knowing what for. 

"Bringing me home." She says and hugs me. 

"Want to do something tomorrow? Y'know like spend the day with me?" I ask 

"Yeah sure. Why not." 

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