Georgia never thought she would end up with the towns bad boy. She never realised what trouble she would get into when she would first get with him what will happen to her?


2. Oh dear god

Georgia's pov

Jesus Christ my alarm scares me every morning. Oh my god I don't even know why I'm up at 5am in the morning. What can't I be in work for 8am that would be so much better but no. I start work at 6. I eventually get up and get in the shower. The shower water was really warm which is so nice I love the heat on my back, it helps me relax. I hop out if the shower and stick some clothes on. I put in my floral crop top and some high waisted skinny jeans on with a red beanie and a pair of converse. 

Finally I'm ready. 

As I'm walking to work I hear people talking. Is it not a bit early for people to be up. But as the nosey person I am I listen in. 

"Come on harry your the best out of all of us ." A thick Irish accent says. I think that's niall .

"Niall be serious out of all of us Liam or zayn would be better than me." Well I can tell straight away that , that is harry and he answered my question about Niall now. Finally I know he's Irish now . I laugh and walk on hoping they didn't hear me.


 Harry's pov

"come on harry your the best out of all of us." Niall says trying to reason with me.

"Niall be serious out of all of us Liam or zayn would be better than me." I state trying to make him stop bothering me. Then I hear someone giggling. I wonder who that was. Well whoever it was they have a cute laugh . I poke my head around the alleyway to see who was laughing but they had gone. 

"See you think that but I recon your better please harry for me. Just this once . No one else will fight Dave." Niall says .

"Right fine but only this once." I reply rolling my eyes.

"want to get a coffee?" Niall asks 

"yeah sure. I wonder if that girls working?" I say. Shit did I say that out loud. 

"What girl? Does harry have a crush?" Niall teases.

" Maybe I do but one you see her you'll say the exact same thing." Man I love messing  with Niall. 

"Is she that hot."  Niall says .

"Yup. Should we have a bet to see who she'll go out with?" I ask just trying to get easy money .

" Aye sure. Let the best man win." Me and Niall shake

hands and  start walking down the road.

georgias pov 

I just love how empty this place is at 6am in the morning. I mean what is the actuall fuck in being here. Well at least Beth and Andrew are here. 

"Andrew I'm bored!" I shout over to him.

"well it's not my fault nearly nobody is up at daft o'clock in the morning is it?" He says trying to sass me .

"I guess not." I say and then the door opens OH DEAR GOD! It can't be Niall and harry are here that's not fair Andrew can serve them. 

But no they fucking walk up to me.

"Hi want can I get you?" I say trying to be sweet. Then harry immediately replys with.

" Your number." 

oh dear god help me

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