Georgia never thought she would end up with the towns bad boy. She never realised what trouble she would get into when she would first get with him what will happen to her?


3. No!

Georgia's pov 

"excuse me what?" I say still baffled by what harry said.

" I said I would like your number." He says trying to act all smug. I'm scared to death the guy that scares me wants my number. I can't say no he could do something to me. Should I shouldn't i? Urgh I think I will. 

"Erm yeah sure. Can I ask why?" I ask confused 

"nope your not allowed to know why." He relpys taking my phone and texting himself. What have I got myself into? 

"Well seeing as Harry's getting your number I think I have a right to it as well." Niall says winking at me. 

"Erm yeah sure. Why not." I then see Andrew winking at me and I burst out laughing Niall and harry look at me then turn and give Andrew a dirty look. Niall suddenly whispers in my ear "Meet you here 7pm wear something nice." I nod. Harry and Niall leave.

"Hey can I get your number?" Andrew says starting to take the piss.

"oh but you already have my number." I give him a cheeky wink and go out the back for some air and to my surprise harry is there like he knew I would  come out here. 

"Can I help you?" I ask him curious.

"Yeah you can. See the thing is I like you and well I don't like many girls." He just seems to be asking me rhetorical questions and strata cornering me.

"Your going to be mine one way or another." He then starts attacking my neck with his lips I can't help but moan he then pecks me on the lips and walks off what is happening? I don't like what's happening.


Niall's pov 

i lean in and whisper to her "Meet you here 7pm, wear something nice." Me and harry then leave.

"See what I mean!" Harry says nudging me.

"Yeah! She's so perfect. I think we should change the bet it's not right to bet in a girl." I say trying to sound as non sexist as I can.

"Awk Niall mate your only saying that because you know she'll end up with me." Harry boastfully says.

"well it's not a bet anymore okay so let's leave it at that." I storm of why did I even agree in the 1st place. 


Harrys pov

well well for one thing georgia will be mine no matter how long it's going to take me. I know I'll wait out of the back of the coffee shop and wait for her there.

"can I help you?" She asks in her soft voice. 

"Yes you can. See Ilike you and well I don't like many girls." I start walking towards her 

"you will be mine one way or another." I then start kissing and sucking at her neck. I here her moan and I'm proud of myself . I walk off trying to leave a mysterious sort of sense about me. I wack out my phone and start texting Niall.

to Niall: hey mate when's that fight ? 

From niall: next week so I suggest you get training and please say your gonna stop the bet 

to Niall: yes I will and I'll go straight to the gym now see yah later mate.



hey guys so what do you think so far what do you thinks going to happen. Like fave comment and add me on kik username: pythagit if you have any suggestions questions comments watever ;)














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