Georgia never thought she would end up with the towns bad boy. She never realised what trouble she would get into when she would first get with him what will happen to her?


4. Date with Niall

Georgia's pov 

from Niall: you nearly ready love ? :) 

to niall: yes I'll be 5 minutes and I'll be there

niall really is  actually so cute and lovely I don't know why I was scared of him in the first place . I'm actually really excited for out "date" I think it will be fun. 

I then see Niall at the coffee shop  and I start picking up my speed to get to him. 

"Hey, how are you this fine evening?" Niall sad mucking about 

"I'm good thanks and you?" Man I sound gay 

"Much  better your here." 

"Awk no need for being cringy love." I say nudging him 

"so where we going?" I ask .

"well that's a surprise for now but we have to walk there." Oh so he likes to surprise then. I think I might get to hold this against him in the future if we have a future.

"how far away is it because I can't walk very well in these shoes." I state pouting. 

"Right come on then."Niall says signalling for me to get on his back.

"Are you sure I'm quite heavy."

"I bet your not get on." He says and I can't help but laugh he's so adorable.
"Niall can I ask you a question?" I ask 
"why of course you can babe."

"Well why do you harry and all your mates have a bad reputation."

"erm I don't know I think it's because we all can fight and we do beat up people but that's only if they have done something wrong.We're not as bad as we are made out. I swear. You'll never ever see my bad side." He says kissing my hand. 

"Well we are here." 

"Wow Niall you did all this  it's so beautiful and amazing." I say astonished by what he's done for are date. It's one if the most romantic things anyone has ever done for me. He's laid a picnic blanket out in the middle of a field with flower petals scattered over it with candle light and music under the stars I couldn't think of anything I would love more. I turn my head to talk to Niall.

"Niall this is beautiful thank you." I stand up on my toes and give him a kiss. 

Nialls pov 

the look on her face is amazing I can't believe I've made her this happy. I think I'm falling for her already and fast. I've never felt like this before. I hope she feels the same way.

*2 hours later* 

Georgia's pov 

"well I best be going I have work in the morning." 

"Awk georgia don't go. Come home with me and I'll take you to work in the morning." Niall pleads with me.

"right okay but only this once." I laugh

as we get to nialls house which isn't that far away I stare at amazement at it

"wow Niall you house is huge." 

"Well considering I share it with 4 others it has to be big." 

"Fair enough then." I say laughing but I'm actually terrified what if harry lives with Niall. 

"I don't think anyone is in right now so no need to worry." 

Great at least no ones in. For now 

"right want to watch a movie?" Niall asks.

"sure why not!" 

"What do you want to watch?" Niall asks

"surprise me." I say laughing but as Niall goes up stairs to get a movie harry walks in the door and looks at me. 
"Erm hi."  





































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