Georgia never thought she would end up with the towns bad boy. She never realised what trouble she would get into when she would first get with him what will happen to her?


7. confused

Georgia's pov 
As we are driving back to Harry's I get a text from Beth. 
Bethx: hey, are you ok? You didn't come in to work and want to go out tomorrow?? Xx
Me: helloooo I totally forgot about work. Whoops. Aha and off course I do. What we gonna do? Xx
Harry looks ate me and smiles.
"Who's that your talking to?" He asks me
"Just my friend Beth. And I don't want to sound nosy but have you got a fight conning up?" I don't think I should have asked his knuckles go white as he clinches on the wheel as hard as he can. I put my hand on his thigh and kiss on the cheek.
"Sorry I shouldn't of asked." I say inching away from him.
"Its ok. It's just that I don't want to do the fight." He says sighing.
The car stops and we get out Harry sighs as he sees cars in the driveway this must mean I get to meet the other guys.yay? We walk into is house hand in hand and he takes me upstairs t  his room and to my surprise it's really clean.

"So this is my room." Harry says twirling about I start laughing at him and he comes towards me and hug tackles me to the bed.He stops and looks at me I can see love in his eyes and he leans in to kiss me but niall walks in looking hurt and confused.

"Hey Georgia 1. Why haven't you replied to my messages and 2. Why are you with Harry."  I don't know what to say to niall I mean I did get his texts I just never replied and too be honest Harry seems really sweet I think I might like him. But what do I say to niall. I gave Harry a worried look and he gets up and escorts niall out to talk to him.

As Harry was doing that I went over to the DVD rack. He defiantly had a weird movie taste for a guy,well one of the worst repatriated person in our town and he's got the notebook. I start laughing and end up picking sinister. There's a knock at the door and niall walks in looking sad.

"I'm so sorry Georgia for what I've done. I couldn't think of an other way to get her to go honestly." I think I should forgive him I don't think I have feelings towards him.
"Its ok. I forgive you. Know that I don't want to go on any dates or anything. Friends?" I ask hoping he agrees to being friends.
"No Harry doesn't deserve you. Just let me show you I can give you better and I love you more let me kiss you."   Well I didn't see that one coming and before I know it his lips crash on to mine. I get the same sparks I got with Harry. What? I can't be in love with both of them. Hi all looks and I don't know what to say. Just In Time Harry comes in and asks me what movie we are going to watch I hand him sinister and he looks at me I just laugh and he ruffles my hair. Harry starts the movie and we're all on his bed Harry and niall on either side of me. Well this weird niall keeps.grabbing my hand and Harry's arm is wrapped around my waist. I lean my head on Harry's shoulder and the last thing I remember was Harry on the head and then I fell asleep.

So what did you think?
What do you thinks going to happen?
Again team garry or giall? Aha

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