Georgia never thought she would end up with the towns bad boy. She never realised what trouble she would get into when she would first get with him what will happen to her?


6. A day out with harry

Georgia's pov

The light comes in through the blames and hits my eyes. Great just great even the sun can piss me off now. I roll around on my bed untill my phone vibrates as I reach for it I fall of my bed. I laugh it off because I don't want to get angry. I see the texts from Harry. Why did I even agree t  go out with him today. I open the text from him.

Harry s: hey was just wondering if there was anything particular you wanted to do? Xxx

Me: nope you choose. Surprise me xxx

I get up seeing as its 10am and I need to get ready for when Harry comes. I waddle towards the bathroom and take in my appearance. It's so bad I start laughing I have mascara and eyeliner ran down my face and red puffy eyes. And it's all because of niall. Thanks mate.

I get in the shower and let the hot water wash away last night. I wash myself then jump out and wrap a towel around my body. I blast change your life by iggy azalea as I dry and straighten my hair. Change your life is like the best song in the world it's all I listen to now a days. I give my hair a last quick brush then I apply make up which is always fun. I take in my appearance and pick an outfit to match my make up. I ended up picking a black tank top with a dark green shirt with black skinny jeans with rips in the knees and white converse. Just as I finished getting ready I hear a horn beep I look out the window and see Harry waving at me I wave back and smile at him. I run downstairs grab my phone and some money and stick them in my back pockets. 

"Hey how are you?" Harry asks giving me a hug. Weird right?

"Still recovering from last night." I say laughing.

Harry leads me to the car and opens the door for me. And then he jumps in and starts the car. It was really awkward so I put the radio on and vamps can we dance came on. I love this song. Harry grunts and goes to change it and I gave him a look and he laughed at me.

"Someone likes the vamps then." He says winking at me.

"Common who doesn't." I say back to him 

"Good point." H  laughs then stops the car. 

I get out and Harry wraps is arm around my waist. I gave him a confused look but he just smirked and kissed me on the head and I blushed. What am I doing? What's up with me he's the bad boy the heart breaker the boy you shouldn't fall for. I can't no I won't ive promised myself not to fall for Harry or any of his "friends". 

"So where are we?" I ask confused I have no idea where we are. 

"I don't know what this place is called all I know is that my mum used to bring me here before she wanted rid of me." He said sadly. 

"Why what happened between you and your mother?  You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." I say feeling bad.

" Well it's a long story but the basics are I was a dock when I was 16 / 17 I slept around got tattoos and my mum had enough and kicked me out but I've done alright for myself though look at me nice car house and you." He says then kisses my head I feel so bad but what did he mean that he has me? I don't want to ask though. 

"I'm sorry Harry I didn't know." I say sadly

"Its okay it wasn't your fault was it?" He says lightly laughing. 

"I guess not." We then sit on a bench and I lean my head on bis shoulder. He smiles and lays his head on mine. 

"I didn't tell you, you look beautiful today." Ok he's way too cute screw the promise I've never seen him like this before.

"Thank you. So do you.." I say and we both start laughing he gets up and holds his hand out. I happily take it and we walk back to the car. The sun just started to go down it was so beautiful. Harry sat on the front of the car I sat with him and we watched the sun go.down .

"Its beautiful isn't it?" Harry asks looking at me.

"Definatly. Thank-" Harry cut me of by kissing me. I felt sparks running through me. I've never felt like  this before. He's Definatly special. Well to me he is. He backs of ands smiles at me. He stands up and and opens the car door for me again. We get in the car but doesn't drive me him.

"Hey where are we going?" I ask smirking at him thinking I know the answer.

"We're going back to my place to watch a movie. Is that alright with you?" He asks with his signature smile.

"That's fine by me!" I say laughing. I hope niall isn't there or that would be terrible.

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