What about love?

Niall is the schools bad boy he's always getting into trouble with teachers and his parents and the police. He plays girls messes with there feelings sleeps around,takes drugs,smokes not someone you would want to be with. The new year at Hill Way high started and there's a new girl 'Carly' she doesn't know what Niall is like what he's capable of will something happen between them or will her new friends at Hill way high tell her and keep her from getting her heart broken?


1. please read?

Hey guys im Allannah and my movellas name is Runforhoran i am a new writer to this app/website and i really hope you like all my stories once i get writing them. Most of my stories will be about one direction and they may involve other celebrities. eg- Ariana Grande, Demi Lovarto, Justin Bieber ect..

i will try and uplode my stories once every week or maybe more depending if i have the time and if i don't i will do two chapters when i next uplode. 

Make sure you all like and favorite my movellas if you like them and maybe tell your friends about them? Comment your thoughts and maybe any ideas for my next movellas so thanks for reading this little intro my first movella is 'What about love' read the description and if you like what you read carry on 

Thanks :) 

-Allannah xo

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