What about love?

Niall is the schools bad boy he's always getting into trouble with teachers and his parents and the police. He plays girls messes with there feelings sleeps around,takes drugs,smokes not someone you would want to be with. The new year at Hill Way high started and there's a new girl 'Carly' she doesn't know what Niall is like what he's capable of will something happen between them or will her new friends at Hill way high tell her and keep her from getting her heart broken?


2. New start

Well Mr Horan its a new year so try and stay out of trouble please? "Cant promise anything miss' i say while picking up my backpack and walking out the heads office 'Oh Niall! shouts miss cloud. Yes? i shout back not being bothered to walk back in to the room. 'We have a new pupil and i was you to show her around is that ok? I guess what's her name? 'Carly she will be hear at lunch so come back here then and you can meet her now go to class. 'right'


'Hi miss cloud im Carly's mum Emma nice to meet you' my mum polity said while shaking her hand and this is carly she said while bringing me forward a little closer so i could shake miss clouds hand. 'Hello miss' i say smiling and shake her hand. 'Ok well carly i have somebody to show you around and he should be here in a minute' Just as she said that a blonde haired guy with bright Blue eyes and a rough look walked through the door he looked tired and really bored. 'Ah Niall this is Carly and you will be showing her round the school for a few days or until shes settled, ok now you too go get lunch and Niall take care of Carly. 'Whatever' 


'Hi so your Carly? Niall says while we walk down the hall. Yes i am and your Niall. 'Yes i am so why did you move here? My mum got a new job so i had to move we have moved quite far so i know nobody. 'bummer well anyway im going to my table and you cant sit with me so go over there and i will get you for your lesson' Just as i was about to say something back he had walked of and left me' Thanks you know ill just be over here alone your so kind. At first i thought maybe he would be ok but there something about him that makes me think he's gonna be bad news. 


So guys this is my first chapter i hope you like it i know its not long but i just needed to get it started comment your thoughts and like and favourite if you liked it thanks

-Allannah xo

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