What about love?

Niall is the schools bad boy he's always getting into trouble with teachers and his parents and the police. He plays girls messes with there feelings sleeps around,takes drugs,smokes not someone you would want to be with. The new year at Hill Way high started and there's a new girl 'Carly' she doesn't know what Niall is like what he's capable of will something happen between them or will her new friends at Hill way high tell her and keep her from getting her heart broken?


3. His...Friends

Carlys POV.


Lunch had just finished and i was waiting for Niall to come and take me to my first class. I heard voices coming round the corner and then i saw him and his crew walking towards me they all looked kinda like niall tired,rough,hot,tall you know the group of badboys you have in every school i can tell you that even though they was all quite hot and i dont know they i know that they look like trouble and i dont think i would wanna be around them on my own.


'Oo Niall whos your friend? a tall guy with black hair and very baggy pants said as they all gathered around me. 'Carly,shes not my friend i just have to show her round' 'Well can she be my friend? another guy says putting his arm around me.'no im ok i have friends and i really need to get to class so Niall can we go? Yeah come on. 

'Well what nice friends you have..' i tell Niall as we was walking to English 'Yeah well there aright i guess i known them for ages so..' Ah ok so thanks for taking me to my class' its ok i guess i have to so..what way do you walk home? Down past the shop what bout you? Yeah me too lets walk together i will meet you at front bye have fun in class. 'haha you too.    


ok now i know i said he looks like trouble but hes really cute and i have only known him for half a day but come on if i said i liked him who would say anything i dont even know anyone...


What do you guys think sorry this chapter is quite boring but im just getting started ah 28 reads already thanks guys make sure you tell all your friends ok love youu<3:)


-Allannah xo

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