Pulse: Skogens hemlighet ( The forest's secret)

Kajsa is adopted and has always wondered who her real parents are. Until, one moonlit night, the day she turns fourteen, she discovers a secret that she never knew about herself. That, might help her find her parents.


1. Ensam

Sweden. The land of flat pack furniture and crime thrillers. Of lakes and snow-capped pine trees, of blondes and DIY heaven. That only contains 9 million people, and sparsely spread houses. My home. 

Its not as lonely a country as you may think. I live there with Mum and Dad who adopted me 14 years ago in the suburbs of Stockholm. 

"Kajsa!" Mamma calls out to me from my room.

"Jag kommer, Mamma!" As I trail down the stairs, wearily I'm trying to remember what important thing was to happen today. 

"Grattis, Kajsa!" Then I remember, of course. Its my 14th birthday today!

"You're such a stor girl!" She takes me in her arms.

After a celebratory breakfast of, cake and hot chocolate I decide to scarper.

"Mamma? Can I take a walk, snalla?" 

"Of course, but be back by three, Gumman." I nod and take my hat and gloves, to go outside. 

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