When the world comes crashing down, what you need is a Doctor. (Doctor Who Fanfiction)

The Doctor's not always around to save the earth and one day he comes back to find that the earth is a very changed place.


2. What went wrong.

The Doctor slightly frowned at the two people and asked. "Who are you?" 

"This is Florence and I'm Hetty." Hetty introduced herself and a the other woman who was nervously standing next to her. 

"Hetty, we can't stay out here for much longer." Florence warned her, gripping the device in her hand as if it was her lifeline and for all the Doctor knew it was.

"What do you mean?" The Doctor asked Florence scanning her device with his. "That's a radiation detector, late 20th century." 

"There's a peak in radiation around this area, we monitor it." Florence explained. "We have to leave."  Hetty nodded in agreement,

"Doctor, Mr and Mrs Williams, you must come with us." 

"And what if we don't want to?" Amy asked, she wasn't about to walk off with 2 strangers. 

"You've got no choice." Hetty told them and pointed her gun at Rory, and Rory raised his hands, he was getting fed up of being threatened with guns. 

"Okay Okay!" The Doctor clasped his hands together, "We'll come with you, I just need to take Amy and Rory into my ship." The Doctor turned around to find that the TARDIS had gone. "Wel great lot of good you are!" He shouted at the empty space. "Right then," He turned to face the 2 new women. "Lead the way."

Hetty and Florence looked at each other before Hetty nodded and Florence lead the way. They walked for 20 mins through the rubble and piled up dead bodies, Amy grabbed Rory's hand and squeezed it, lightly. 

They came to a cave looking place with 2 guards standing outside, 

"Is that them?" One of them asked scanning Hetty and Florence.

"Hello I'm the Doctor, that's Amy and Rory." The Doctor cheerfully introduced himself and the Soldiers saluted.

"This way." Hetty instructed them to follow her. "There's some people that want to see you." 

The Doctor raised his non existent eyebrows, but followed them all the same. 

Amy looked around her surroundings, the cave walls all wet and shiny, and the floor bone dry, before they knew it they were at a heavy metal door. 

"Ready?" Hetty asked them.

"For what?" Rory asked but he was  ignored and the door opened to reveal a woman and a group of soldiers.

"Hello Sweetie!" 


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