When the world comes crashing down, what you need is a Doctor. (Doctor Who Fanfiction)

The Doctor's not always around to save the earth and one day he comes back to find that the earth is a very changed place.


4. The Hotel.

The Doctor almost cried with glee when a team of soldiers pulled in the TARDIS, "Right, Amy, Rory, River in the the TARDIS, Hetty, stay here and don't let anyone out, you hear me, stay quiet and maybe they won't find you." 

Rory and Amy ran into the TARDIS, River lingering behind, "Hetty, Florence try and stay safe, here." She passed them one of her sonic blasters, "Should disable a Dalek." And with that She and the Doctor walked into the TARDIS. River and the Doctor ran to the controls and fought over the controls.

"You could let me fly her!" The Doctor huffed, feeling demoted.

"Or we could could get to where we're supposed to be, and seeing as the world is in danger I'd very much like to get there on time." River laughed and took control of flying the TARDIS.

"River?" Amy asked. "How come the earth's like that though? I mean even with half the world disappearing, that doesn't explain why the world's in that state." 

"The economy collapsed, the world went into distress and then rebel groups arose and the rest of the world went into frenzy, people killing people, no one could control anything until most of the worlds population was dead and Sol 3 declared uninhabitable." River explained and then landed the TARDIS 10 year and One day before.

"Right, Amy, Rory, you stay here and monitor England, Me and River are going to America." The Doctor span round and went for the door. 

"Doctor we're not staying here." Amy folded her arms and raised her eyebrows. The Doctor tried to look at her in a 'you're staying here' look but failed. 

"Fine you can come with us." The Doctor told them and then ran to the door to find that River had landed them in New York.

"Ah New York, not as good a New New York, but it'll do." The Doctor grinned and then checked the date, "Right we need to get somewhere to stay for the night, or at least till midnight." 

River hit a few keys on her PDA looking thing before declaring that they had somewhere to stay for the night. 

"Right lets go." The Doctor nearly skipped to the address, Amy, Rory and River laughing behind him. 

"We're in for a long night." Rory muttered as they arrived at a run down hotel that they were staying in. 

"Right you have a few hours to what you want, but don't wander off to far!" The Doctor told  Amy and Rory and ushered them out of the room they occupied, and turned to face River.

"Hello Sweetie." 


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