When the world comes crashing down, what you need is a Doctor. (Doctor Who Fanfiction)

The Doctor's not always around to save the earth and one day he comes back to find that the earth is a very changed place.


8. The End.

"Doctor, what do we do?" Amy asked, nervously watching a pacing Doctor.

"Right," The Doctor lifted his head and stopped pacing, "We need, to access the main computer, no doubt your daughter." He pointed to Amy and Rory with his sonic screwdriver. "Hasn't made it easy for us." 

"Doctor." Rory interrupted him. "Why are we following her?" 

"Because, you idiot she's our daughter." Amy hit her on her shoulders. 

"Right then I've secured the Second mainframe," The Doctor told them, pressing a few keys on the computer, "All I need now is a Biological sample from Katia, the TARDIS and River to do her thing." 

"Well, then what are we waiting for?" Amy marched over to the door, only to find when she opened it a group of soldiers with guns stood in front of her. 

"Ah Yes, well I sort of forgot that we're fugitives." The Doctor grimaced and then grinned,walking over to the soldiers, "Take us to the flesh!" 



River ran. It was her thing, running. She ran more than the Doctor in some respect. It wasn't hard for her to find the mainframe, after all she was half timelord. Her job easy, get inside the computer, find the reversal unit and reverse it. Well that and try to get out in time, and ever for a half timelord it wasn't going to be easy. River took a few deep breaths and pulled out a picture of a little girl from a locket, "Oh Susie" She muttered and put the picture back in the locket, and on her neck. River pressed a few buttons and then there was smoke. 



"So River's going to be stuck in the mainframe of New New York?" Amy half asked and half stated. "Unless, we pulled the plug straight after she's programmed a direct command and reroute her back to the TARDIS, which we have no idea where it is." 

"Yes." The Doctor grinned like a school boy. "It's a good plan, now sh Pond." The Doctor, Amy and Rory were ushered into the same room that they arrived in.
"Aw moi and I was think that you'd gotten away." Katia laughed and then suddenly stopped. "Moisturize me." 

"That's annoying." Amy muttered, 

"Tell me about it." Rory agreed and then the Doctor moved towards Katia, the guards cocking their guns and pointing them in the Doctors face.

"Right then Katia, you need to shut down the mainframe on my command." The Doctor clasped his hands together.

Katia laughed. "And I would do that because?" 
"Because your name's not Katia, and If I was to tell Rory the Roman what you did to his only daughter, no mercy would be held." The Doctor whispered, and then stood back with a grin on his face and a frown on hers.

"When?" She asked looking at Rory, who at the present moment was whispering to Amy and looking not at all threatening. 

"Soon, now you send your men out, looking for a big blue box." The Doctor told her and she gave out the instructions, things were certainly going his way.



River woke in white, well to be specific a white dress. At first she thought she was dead and then she remembered she had a task to do. She walked to the central control, it was now or never, all she had to do was find the central Matrix and hope, hope that the Doctor was smart enough to figure it out. 



The Doctor almost ran over to the TARDIS when 2 army soldiers dragged the box in. 

"Right, we've got to go and do this thing." The Doctor ushered Amy and Rory into the TARDIS, "And you Katia, right the wrongs you've made ,cause she would have." And then he was gone. 

"Doctor?" Amy asked as he pressed controls of the TARDIS. "Why'd she do that?"
"What Pond?" The Doctor pulled his head away from the monitor and saw that Katia had done what he had told her to. "Sh,River should be here any second."


She had found it, smiling she walked over to the stream of energy, all she had to do now was stop the power source, the down side to this plan, was the fact the only way to stop it was to insert something of value, something that would cause emotion and  stop the stream that kept New York in New New York. River took of her necklace, now normally River Song was fierce, feisty and almost  indefinitely  sexy, but when it came to her 4 year old daughter she was anything but. Taking the necklace of, she pressed a kiss to it and threw it into the light, she could feel the energy passing over her she smiled for one last time and then black.


She woke, well the plus side she thought, at least she's not dead. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the light but when they did, she saw the Doctor, Amy and Rory standing over her. 

"River, you're alive, that's good." The Doctor gleamed and helped her up. 

"Nice to see you to Sweetie." She grinned and pulled him in for a kiss which he happily accepted.

"Oi parents in the room!" Amy warned them but laughed and stole River to give her a hug.

"And  have a sword." Rory remind everyone and  hugged River after, the Doctor gulped.

"Right them back to London?" The Doctor said smiling at his ,if slightly unconventional, family. 

"No, no way we are going to some spa where we can relax and you too can go and do thing that you do with River when we're asleep." Amy told him and grasped Rory's hand.

River laughed but told them that she had to return to Stormcage. 

"But River..." The Doctor partially whined, but River was having non of it. 

"Bye Sweetie." She hugged her parents and kissed the Doctor before walking out of the TARDIS and into Stormcage, and into the arms of an older Doctor, "Hello Sweetie," She didn't get an answer; only a kiss. 


"Doctor?" Amy asked, they had arrived at a planet spa and Rory had gone to book them in, "How come Katia did that for you, I mean she wanted to kill you earlier."
"Spoilers Pond." The Doctor tapped her nose and ushered her towards her husband, promising them that he'd e back within 2 weeks. They saw him again 4 weeks later. 




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