When the world comes crashing down, what you need is a Doctor. (Doctor Who Fanfiction)

The Doctor's not always around to save the earth and one day he comes back to find that the earth is a very changed place.


7. The Daughter.

Cassandra?” The Doctor scrunched his non existent eyebrows.

“Turn me around.” The skin ‘thing’ demanded, 2 white men in suits that had been standing next her, abide to her demand and turned her around. “You must be the Doctor, this is Mon perfect .”

“Doctor?” Amy gaped at the skin, “Is she human?”

“Oh Course I’m Human, Katia Leverage Cassandra the 2nd, I’m the last humans daughter.” Katia laughed, and then stopped. “And you killed my mother.”

“Well, there’s a thing,” The Doctor sort of flustered. “She had to die.”

“No one has to die Doctor, expect you.” Katia’s blue eyes pieced through him, the people in suits go to grab Rory, Amy , River and the Doctor, but River’s to fast, she takes her gun out and points it Katia, she signals for the others to run.

“River!” The Doctor half panicked and half shouted.

“Just coming Sweetie.” River shouted with a smirk, "Katia, and I thought better of you." 

"And I of you Song." Katia scoffed. "Oh wait I did not." 

River ran out of the room backward shooting the 2 assistants before they could her.

 "River what was that all about?" Amy asked when River has caught up to everyone, they had situated themselves in a closed off room full of computers and surveillance.

"Sweetie," River caught the Doctor attention and ignored Amy's question, "I think I've got a way to get New York back." The Doctor turned around from the computer and met her eye.

"No." He said, chills running down Amy and Rory's back.

"But it's the only way." River told him knowing that he knew that to.

"River, I will not let you." The Doctor shook his head, she wouldn't die here, she couldn't die here.

"River, what's going on?" Amy demands folding her arms.

"She want's to go into the matrix of the new new York reverse the index day and the inferior " The Doctor explained pulling his head away from the computer.

"And why can't she?" Amy asked looking at her daughter and then back at the Doctor.

"Because if she goes she won't come back." The Doctor muttered and looked up at where River was standing, or should have been. "River?!" 

"She's gone." Rory stated the obvious and then bent down to pick up the note that she left and read it aloud. "Bye Sweetie." 


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