When the world comes crashing down, what you need is a Doctor. (Doctor Who Fanfiction)

The Doctor's not always around to save the earth and one day he comes back to find that the earth is a very changed place.


5. New New York.

Amy and Rory return to a quiet room, River and The Doctor intertwined with one another, Amy smiled and then they both jumped away from one another as if they were teenagers and their parents had caught them ,and in a sense they had. 

"So, Ponds!" The Doctor walked to the window and peered out, "What did you find out?" 

"That New York shopping is fantastic!" Amy happily sighed and sat on the bed next to her daughter. 

"You should see New New Yorks shopping." River told her with a light laugh. 

"Well, the people here are just as lively as I assume they always are." Rory shrugged. 

"Never assume Rory, unless you're busy then always assume." The Doctor told him, throwing his screwdriver from one  hand to another. 

River slightly chuckled and moved to the Doctor's side to notice that the time had moved quite significantly, "I could've swore it was 10 o'clock 20 min ago." 

"Me too." Amy raised her eyebrow. 

"Well it's midnight now, now all we have to do.." The Doctor started but was interrupted but a violent shaking and  screaming of the city. After the shaking had stopped the Doctor rushed over to Amy's side to make sure she was okay,

"Everyone alright?" He asked and then River jumped up and scanned the area.

"Doctor?" River frowned looking at her PDA.

"River not now." The Doctor brushed her  off.

"Doctor!" River almost shouted and the Doctor looked startled and stopped helping Rory get up. 

"What is it?" He asked.

"Go and smell outside." River told him and then helped Rory up. 

The Doctor looked specious but went outside all the same. A few moments later he came back inside. 

"Apple Grass." 

"Apple Grass." River confirmed.

"What does Apple grass mean?"  Amy asked.

"It  means Pond we're in New New York!" 

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