When the world comes crashing down, what you need is a Doctor. (Doctor Who Fanfiction)

The Doctor's not always around to save the earth and one day he comes back to find that the earth is a very changed place.


6. Moisturise me!

"What's new new york?" Amy asked with a confused face, but all the same followed the Doctor and River outside, the sight they saw  was a mess, on one side New New york stood, in all its glory, the other side a burning original New York. 

The people of New New York curiously came out to the half burning city, in their flying cars and hover boards. The people of new york bewildered, slowly crept out.

"Doctor?" Amy asked and grabbed Rory's hand. "What do we do? and where's the rest of the world."

"I've calculated the area point where the transmission started, and the other places are in the new earth place that they correspond with." River answered instead and with her PDA stuttered off the Doctor in her tow. 

"Are we going with them?" Rory asked and Amy nodded and ran after the pair.

"River where are we going?" The Doctor asked, looking slightly worried from the looks they were getting. 

"The senate building" River told them not really giving them an answer. They walked into the middle of New New York and were greeted by armed guards,

"Hello!" River almost cheerily greeted the guards, the guards coaked the guns at her throat.

"Who are you?" 

"I'm River Song."  River seductively smiled and the guards dropped their guns and let them through.

"River how'd you do that?" Rory asked with a raised eyebrow. 

River smiled. "Spoilers." Amy groaned. 

"You did something bad and now you're just saying spoilers to cover it up aren't you?" 

River just smiled, "Quite possibly." 

Amy shook her head and laughed slightly. 

"Right, here we are , the center of the transmissions." River declared and the Doctor walked into the room, 

"But!" The Doctor stuttered at the sight, "That's impossible."

"What is?" River asked and the Doctor pointed to what looked like a piece of stretched skin. 

"Mostiruse me!" 



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