When the world comes crashing down, what you need is a Doctor. (Doctor Who Fanfiction)

The Doctor's not always around to save the earth and one day he comes back to find that the earth is a very changed place.


3. Hello Sweetie!

"River!" The Doctor exclaimed and grinned like a schoolboy. "Long time since Berlin." 

River laughed and threw her head back, curls spilling everywhere. "Diaries?" 

The Doctor nodded and pulled out a TARDIS blue dairy from his bigger on the inside pockets. 

"I take it you've done Berlin?" River asked and flicked through her version of the diary. "Right, America, the first time?" 

"Yep done that one to, wait there's a second time." The Doctor nodded his head and then shut his book. 

"Spoilers, but I think I know where we are. " River smiled and then turned her attention to Amy and Rory. "Hello." 

Amy smiled and then practically ran over and enclosed her daughter in a hug. "River, what are you doing here?" She asked as she pulled away.

"Long story, Involving a very handsome time agent." River all but laughed. 

The Doctor slightly frowned, "River, what's going on here?" 

"That's just it." River lead them to a computer screen that shows the world. "No-one knows, that over there." She pointed to where Australia would usually be, "Gone, along with all of Asia and most of Africa and all of the Americas." 

"How?" The Doctor asked, scanning the computer. "This shouldn't have been possible, not at this time." 

"No one knows." River told him with mystery in her eyes. "One day the rest of the world woke up to half the world missing."

"And how did you get here, aren't you meant to be in stormcage?" Rory asked from behind them.

"I'm an archaeologist, how did you expect me to stay away!" River teased and laughed.

"Ma'am," Hetty walked up to River, "There's something you've got to see." 

River slightly frowned and all but dragged the Doctor with her, not that he wasn't willing to go with her,they walked to the bigger screen to find CCTV footage playing. 

"But that's Impossible!" The Doctor shouted and River lightly paled.

"That's a Dalek." Amy shakily told Rory and took his hand. 

"Not just one Amelia!" The Doctor  shouted as more and more daleks landed on the seemingly derelict earth. "That's a whole legion!"

"Ma'am?" Hetty asked, "What do we do?" 

"Did you locate it?" She asked instead of answering the girls question. 

"We think so."Hetty told River and River turned to the Doctor,

"Well sweetie I think we've found the TARDIS, if we're going to save the earth, we've go to find out what happened 10 years ago." 

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