A Tale of Griffins and Half-Bloods

Being a monster is hard enough. Being a monster who needs demigods to help you is even worse. Being a monster who needs help from demigods against other monsters is living hell.
And you thought being human was hard.

(Okay so I'm now realising my huuuuuge mistakes in consistency with the actual books so please bear with me that will be fixed I swear.)


25. I find the flag, three cheers for me! - Cinder

Honestly they were pretty terrible at picking a spot for their flag. I flew over their heads too fast for most of them to notice. A couple of kids with bows tried to shoot at me, but with the trees in the way, none hit their mark. So much for being children of Apollo.

I moved swiftly, scouring the ground beneath me, searching for the glittering silver-grey of the blue team’s flag. I can’t have been searching long before I found it- ten, fifteen minutes at most. I saw movement through the trees, caught sight of two blue plumes between the deep brown and greens of the forest, and then, mixed with the dull grey of a selection of rocks was the shimmer I had been searching for. It practically glittered in the light, the silk twisting in the wind, the owl in its centre watching over the demigods that had stayed close to guard it.

To be sure I got closer, my wings almost completely silent as I drew closer. Yup. That was a flag.

The two half-bloods standing guard looked up suddenly as I glided over them, the wind ruffling my feathers as my shadow covered their backs. One of them yelled something, pointing, as the other lifted a bow and notched an arrow.

A tingle ran down my spine, and everything seemed to slow for a moment. I felt a chill, and shuddered mid-air.
In an instant time resumed its normal pace, and I, slightly dazed, dipped slightly toward the ground. The kid’s arrow whizzed past my ear, and I adjusted my wings, turning in the air in one long, graceful movement.

This area gave me a bad feeling- something about it didn’t feel right. Luckily I had no obligation to pick up the flag. Reconnaissance, that was all I had been ordered to do. I was back through the trees by the time the girl had prepared her second shot, winding between the trunks and out of sight.


It didn’t take too long to find another red-plumed ally, either. Only a short flight away I found one fighting off a pair of blue defenders, their sword flashing in the light.

I croaked a warning as I approached, waiting for my ally to glance up before I swooped in, changing form as I soared over their heads, landing softly on the other side in a crouch.

“Flag,” I yelled, pointing in the direction I had come. The girl- who I could now see was the very same one who had told me to find the flag- nodded, raising her shield to block the incoming blow from one of her assailants as the other swung at her back.

Without thinking I switched form again, lunging forward.


I blinked and it felt as though I was waking from a long sleep. The two attacking blues were against opposing trees, slumped at their trunks and groaning in pain. Ahead I could see a red plume dashing forward, back toward the direction of the enemy flag.

I shook my head, trying to clear the mist that had descended on my mind, and looked between the two demigods. From all around me there were shouts, yells. I heard swords clashing together, ringing through the trees like thunder. I heard cries and yelps and snarls, all crowding in on me. I winced, lowering my head.

Another demigod appeared through the trees, with a blue plume, and said something. They held their sword up defensively, slowing almost to a halt upon seeing me. They said it again, and I looked up. I only heard sounds- no words came to me. Their language seemed so strange, so bizarre. Almost surreal.

I took a step forward, the sound of my own feet on the ground was deafening, and I stopped again.

“… r?”

I blinked, looking at the demigod’s lips as they moved. They had lowered their sword slightly.


I changed shape, and everything went quiet, the world returning to its natural state. Alyx stood before me, her blue plumed helmet tilted at an angle on her face.

“Cinder?” she said again, her tone a mixture of concern and annoyance.

Her face started to blur, and I blinked a couple of times. The world swayed, and I fell rather unceremoniously face-first to the ground, out cold.

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