A Tale of Griffins and Half-Bloods

Being a monster is hard enough. Being a monster who needs demigods to help you is even worse. Being a monster who needs help from demigods against other monsters is living hell.
And you thought being human was hard.

(Okay so I'm now realising my huuuuuge mistakes in consistency with the actual books so please bear with me that will be fixed I swear.)


21. I get a deathwish. - Cinder

I’d heard rumours about this ‘capture the flag’. Small snatches of excited conversation between demigods, quick-fire questions dancing between pairs. It all seemed very over-hyped to me.

My day had been spent exploring the camp in more depth, particularly the forest, which had involved a lot of flying. It had seemed as though every time I passed demigods they had been talking about ‘capture the flag’. I skipped the demigod’s midday meal because of it, and also the bulk of their evening meal- What is it with humans and eating?

At the sound of the second conch, however, I decided I should at least show my face. From what I gathered the previous night, it was at this time that things were announced. I hadn’t expected to be dragged into one of their godling games, let alone be entered into such a perilous endeavour.

The centaur had explained that all weapons usually used in the fight were allowed. With regular mortals this wouldn’t be a problem. Humans like using iron and steel- it’s cheap and strong, perfect for bulk weapons. Demigods, however, favour more deadly, hard to get metals, such as celestial bronze and Stygian iron. For the very reason that I hated it; because it killed monsters.

I mean at least he had said that they should avoid fatal blows to me. But… these were demigods. And if Alyx was anything to go off, demigods were prone to ‘accidents’.

On the other hand, I wasn’t allowed to use my own natural weapons. If I so much as grazed one of the precious little darlings with the blunt edge of my talons, I would be lynched. Talk about unfair. 

“But of course,” the centaur said after he had finished explaining the special rules all for me. He fixed me with a rather cold stare, “This is only if our guest agrees to participate.”

I narrowed my eyes, meeting his gaze. The demigods looked toward me expectantly.

Oh joy, all eyes were on me now. Waiting to see what I’d do.

I was going to say no. I had no desire to go to my death in the perverse games the demigods held in the free time. After all, the centaur had said something about losing dessert for a week if they killed one of their own. The keyword here, however, is was. Being the dumb thing I am, I thought back to the previous night, and the little chat Alyx had cornered me with. Her words practically reverberated through my skull, and I was unable to think of anything else for a brief few moments.

“You’ve gotta join in sometime, prove to us that you’re not just some big scary monster here to eat us.”

She… made a very good point. I wasn’t looking for friendship- I only wanted them to trust me enough to give me aid against the monsters. But… joining in with their ‘activities’, regardless of how deadly they were, and proving how I can indeed play nice if I’m given a chance, was the fastest way to earn their allegiance. After all, right now I was just here for the potential information I brought.

The half-bloods had gone rather quiet, although a couple of whispers were beng exchanged here and there. I sighed, breaking my eye contact with the centaur.

“How could I refuse such a generous offer,” I grumbled, my tone practically dripping with sarcasm. I saw a number of the assembled grin sadistically, and it made a chill run down my spine. Are we sure they’re the good guys?

Chiron dipped his head, acknowledging my defeat. “A coin will be tossed to determine the team on which the griffin will participate,” he stated, pulling a golden drachma from one of his blazer’s pockets.

The demigods turned away from me at least, their eyes now glued to the shimmering gold circle in Chiron’s fingers. He raised it in the air, showing each side.

“If the coin lands on Heads, then he shall join Cabin Six. If the coin lands on Tails, then he shall join Cabin Four,” the centaur announced. He balanced the coin on his thumb, before flicking it into the air.

The small stamped circle glittered as it revolved in the air, torchlight sparkling from its raised golden surface. Chiron caught it deftly in one hand, flipping it onto the back of the other. He peered at it for the moment, tension rising in the demigods assembled.


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