A Tale of Griffins and Half-Bloods

Being a monster is hard enough. Being a monster who needs demigods to help you is even worse. Being a monster who needs help from demigods against other monsters is living hell.
And you thought being human was hard.


21. Tactical decision, Demigods! - Cinder

Of course I wasn't picked to fight with Athena. Why would they want me? But why did the Demeter Demigods have to pick Ares? I sighed, strolling over to my 'teammates'. Some person in a suit of armour looked me up and down. It took me a moment to realize it was Clarisse. I raised a hand. "Hi Demigods. Aren't you all looking nice in your little suits of armour."

Every head turned to me. Well done Cinder. You've managed to get yourself in yet another sticky situation. Another person spoke out. Too bad I couldn't actually see who it was. Their helmet sorta obscured their face. "So, griffin. Where's your weapons? Your armour?"

I chuckled. "What makes you think I need weapons and armour? Do you know how much my species fight amongst ourselves?" I took a step back, changing into my normal form. The other team was watching suspiciously. "Now how 'bout you all stop trying to catch flies and we start form strategies? Here I was thinking you'd gotten used to me." I sighed, repositioning my wings.

"R-Right. Demigods? Follow me." The same person spoke, so I sorta assumed she was the leader of the Demeter cabin. As my team started to move forward, out of the arena, I took to the air and met them on the other side. I didn't really want to go through gates. I don't like gates. Gates are boring. Gates are for people with no imagination. I got what I imagined were looks of annoyance from a number of people as the air shifted by my wings made them stagger slightly. Good thing you can't smile with a beak. Then I would really have been in trouble.

Anyway. We walked through the forest for a while, at a really slow pace, talking the whole time, thinking what we would do, where we would position ourselves and stuff. So far they'd all left me out. I mean, we had a guard, attackers, defender-people and I was pretty sure they'd mentioned everyone but me. I was almost certain they'd forgotten me before the girl in armour turned and faced me head on. She literally stared me right in the beak. I could only see her eyes. It was kinda creepy.


"I'm not a bird. I've already been through this with Alyx. I'm Cinder. A griffin."

"Cinder, then, you're going to scout. You are our eyes. Keep an eye on everything, use your flight to our advantage. Do not engage, OK?"

I wanted to say no so much right then. "But... I wanna... Fine."

"Good." She sounded annoyed.

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