A Tale of Griffins and Half-Bloods

Being a monster is hard enough. Being a monster who needs demigods to help you is even worse. Being a monster who needs help from demigods against other monsters is living hell.
And you thought being human was hard.

(Okay so I'm now realising my huuuuuge mistakes in consistency with the actual books so please bear with me that will be fixed I swear.)


7. I proved it. What now? - Cinder

I sighed. “Can’t I just-”

The God shook his head. “You’re this close to being turned into a dolphin.” He held up two fingers with barely a hair’s breadth between them.

I gulped, and took a deep breath. Fine. They wanted me to change in here, that was their problem. Not mine. I cracked my knuckles, spreading my feet slightly, and then I let myself shift back.

For the third time that day (that I was aware of at least) I changed form. My feathers and fur grew back, the clothes I was wearing seemingly melting into my skin. My bones clicked into place, and wings emerged from my shoulder blades. I winced at the pain as my wound was agitated, before I settled where I was. My head was ducked to stay underneath the ceiling, wings folded tightly against my back. A couple of knick knacks were knocked off the shelf beside the door by my tail’s sudden appearance, and the floor beneath my feet was scratched as my claws grew in.

The horse-man watched my curiously, while the God seemed uninterested.

“I am I permitted to continue?” I growled, my tail flicking from side to side, knocking another ornament from the shelf. Two to go.

Chiron didn’t move for a moment, before he nodded, “Go ahead.”

The demigod rolled her eyes. “Bird.”

I made sure she saw my glare. “As I was saying, I flew a very long way to get here. In less than a week might I add. While injured. I dragged myself down here where it is positively tropical compared to my home, and I passed out on your lovely hill over there with that marvellous dragon. Who, can I just say, tried to eat me.”

My audience seemed unfazed by this little piece of information. Alyx even seemed to grin. How dare she.

“So why are you here?” Chiron asked, “Why, of all places, did you choose Camp Half-Blood?”

I shrugged. Or at least, I did the griffin equivalent to a shrug, which involved lifting my wings and spreading them slightly. It was difficult to do in the confined space. “Because, my dear man-horse, we share a common enemy. That I couldn’t very well take my monster related problems to other monsters. I’m here because I was attacked with a mixture of regular and celestial bronze arrows by what could only be monsters.”

Alyx spoke this time, “So what makes you think we’re going to be stepping in between some monster on monster fights? You’re just making our lives easier by killing each other off.”

“Under normal circumstances? I would agree with you wholeheartedly. I mean if you Half-Bloods started fighting amongst yourselves I would be the last to get involved. But these are not ordinary circumstances. Before the carnage began, before my kin started to fall from the sky in clouds of dust and blood, our… Elders, I suppose you’d call them, met with the army’s leaders.” I paused, taking a breath. “They spoke for a little while- I could only hear snatches- and they spoke of recruitment. Preparing for some great event. From what I understood they were gathering an army in advance to fight for something powerful, against, you guessed it, the Gods, and the Half-Bloods. The Elders refused. My flock disliked taking part in any of these wars. We’d said the same thing to that Luke fellow a couple of years back. He at the very least had the decency to leave us be after our brief encounter. Anyway, the army didn’t take too kindly to our refusal. That’s when they started shooting at us, and that’s when we started tearing their flimsy bodies to pieces.

“But there weren’t nearly enough of us, and so we perished. All except me, as far as I know.”

“You deserted?” the demigod asked, smirking.

My eyes were cold and hard this time. Her smile faded almost immediately. “My family, my friends, were dying around me. I had arrows sticking from me, celestial bronze arrows, might I add, which really hurt. I saw no others who remained standing, I was alone. Instead of doing the stupid thing and charging blindly to certain death I decided I would seek revenge for my flock. Which, sadly, meant flying for days to reach this little camp. I refuse to let this army have their way, sending those I hold dear to a place such as Tartarus.” I spat the word out, digging my talons into the floorboards just a tad more as I said it.

“So do you bring us any information on this threat? Any names?” The centaur said, before Alyx got in another snide comment.

I shook my head. “The best I can give you is this warning, and my assurance that these people mean business. Never before has my flock been… massacred like that. We’re no regular pacifists, we hunt, and on the few occasions we do fight, we normally win.”

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