A Tale of Griffins and Half-Bloods

Being a monster is hard enough. Being a monster who needs demigods to help you is even worse. Being a monster who needs help from demigods against other monsters is living hell.
And you thought being human was hard.

(Okay so I'm now realising my huuuuuge mistakes in consistency with the actual books so please bear with me that will be fixed I swear.)


13. Horse-man to the rescue! ... That wouldn't be a good superhero name. - Cinder

Well this whole endeavour wasn’t going half as well as I had planned. In fact, it was going nothing like I’d planned. That might have had something to do with my complete lack of plan, but I certainly hadn’t expected quite this amount of hostility. Just shows how naive I can be. Note to self- Don’t ask for help from Demigods again. No matter how pure your intentions, they will always see you as nothing more than a monster. Although this Mrs O’Leary character intrigued me. I’d have to ask about that later, presuming I survived my current predicament.

I sat- well, stood really- in a the middle of a circle made of celestial bronze and stygian iron. Just the kinds of things that killed me. There swords, spears, bows, battle axes… you name it, if it was an ancient weapon, they had it. And they all pointed at me.

Alex’s most recent statement hadn’t helped that much, either. I realise now that Half-Bloods aren’t too keen on trickery, and my… shape shifting, to put it simply, counted very much as trickery. Especially when one form is an almost perfect imitation of a human.

Things were, quite honestly, going south. Fast. The demigods seemed very reluctant to tolerate my continued alive-ness, let alone my current appearance here.


Thankfully it wasn’t up to the demigods.


The sound of hoofs on grass became apparent, a horse moving at full gallop. At the entrance to the arena, Chiron appeared. He almost stopped in his tracks when he saw the complete disorder that had occurred in his absence. The centaur let out a heavy sigh, waving a hand toward the demigods surrounding me. “Leave him be.”

The demigod who had been protesting my continued living was staring at Chiron in disbelief, and I could almost see her trying to figure out why he giving these particular orders. Meanwhile, the demigods that surrounded me reluctantly lowered their weapons, some muttering Greek curses in their disappointment.

“Griffin,” Chiron addressed me, nodding his head in greeting.

“Man-horse,” I answered, dipping my head in thanks.

“Please refrain from calling me that, and I shall refrain from calling you bird, or bird-cat.”


He cleared his throat, straightening his back a little as he looked over the demigods. “Today, as decided my myself and the Camp Director Mr D, marks the beginning of yet another new relationship.” He paused, anticipating the groans from the half-bloods in the arena. “This griffin-” he stopped again, looking down at me expectantly. I looked back at him blankly for a couple of seconds, before I realised what he wanted.

“Oh. Uh, Cinder.”

“-Cinder, is now recognised as a temporary ally to the camp, and those who reside within.” A couple of irritated half-bloods grumbled to each other.

 I was quite happy. At least I wasn’t going to be killed immediately. I had a chance, at least.

Well, I was quite happy until the damn centaur opened his mouth again. “However, if he attacks any demigod currently known by the camp outside of any camp-sanctioned activities, any status as an ally is lifted, effective immediately.” His tone shifted to one less formal, “So you’re all free to send him to Tartarus if he misbehaves,” he added. He looked toward me, his voice lowering. I didn’t like his tone. It made my spine tingle uncomfortably. “Hurt any one of these children, griffin, and you are going straight to the underworld.”

I shrugged, “I guessed. You don’t need to keep reminding about that place. I’ve seen enough of it already.”

The centaur had been expecting something else, judging by his rather disappointed expression. “Good.” He said, eventually. Chiron addressed the campers again. “There is nothing further to see here, please return to your regular activities. Dinner will be at the usual time.”

The demigods dispersed slowly, funnelling through the arena’s main gate as they left. All except one, that is. Chiron had held Alyx back, to which she had protested greatly. I got the feeling she didn’t like me too much. Or at least, she didn’t like having to babysit me. The feeling was mutual.

“He picked me up,” she stated when the arena was empty. “He lifted me off the ground. I was up there-” she pointed directly upwards, at the open sky.

“Alyx,” Chiron started, trying to calm her.

“He threatened to drop me,” she cried, pointing at me accusingly.

The centaur turned to me slowly. “Cinder? I do hope we didn’t bestow our trust unto you too soon?”

“I did not,” I started, shooting the demigod a glare, “I was adjusting my grip. What would you have preferred? Slightly spooked demigod, or demigod pancakes served with fresh blood?” I took a precautionary step backwards, prepared to shift and make my escape. I wasn’t too keen on these people. They’d given me nothing but a string on which to cross the entrance to Tartarus, and on either side were demigods ready to slice the thin piece of cloth if I so much as stumbled. But, as Alyx had said, they were what appeared to be my only hope. They were being nice enough to at least give me that piece of string, whereas any other option would have given me a kiddie slide straight into the bottomless depths of the pit.

Chiron seemed to accept this explanation begrudgingly, and turned back to Alyx. “Show the griffin around camp. Tell him what he needs to know, and do make sure he knows where the forest is.”

The girl looked slightly puzzled. “Where’s he meant to sleep?”

“Think about it,” the centaur said as he turned and trotted off.

He left the two of us there standing awkwardly. “Just show me the forest and we can call it quits,” I mumbled.
She shot me another glare- although I could have sworn this one was slightly less menacing than her previous ones- before she turned and started to leave. “Keep pace so we can get this over with.”

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