A Tale of Griffins and Half-Bloods

Being a monster is hard enough. Being a monster who needs demigods to help you is even worse. Being a monster who needs help from demigods against other monsters is living hell.
And you thought being human was hard.


9. Antisocial. You're just antisocial. - Cinder

Talk about being inconsiderate. We kept walking, to where, I wasn't sure. I had to resist the urge to fly. I liked flying. It was much more fun than walking. It hurt your feet less. We stopped before an arena. Oh dear. Someone was gonna get hurt, and I was determined it wasn't going to be me. And so it seemed Alyx was going to get hurt. Even more oh dear. We entered the arena. Obviously word had travelled fast. Very. Fast. It was probably the most demigods I'd seen, especially in one place. But then, that wasn't hard. Alyx was the first one I'd seen. Chiron spread his hands. "Prove to us we can trust you." "Does this mean I can stab him?" "No." "Well then. I'm off to get my armour." Alyx strode off toward the opposite side of the arena. I had to say, both me and the centaur were rather confused. I ruffled my feathers. "I have to say. I'm slightly worried. Wait. Yep. I'm definitely worried."

Once Chiron had left, I went and sat near the entrance. The arena was alive with the constant chatter of human teenagers. I saw many points and comments directed toward me. Talk about rude.
Eventually, the child of Athena came out, wearing armour of celestial bronze. Oh dear.
All of a sudden, everyone was silent. Everything was quiet. Alyx called out to everyone. "You ready to see this monster turn to dust?"
A round of applause came from the crowd.
"Cheerful..." I muttered, standing.
"Bird, are you ready?"
"Might as well get this over with." The crowd did seem rather surprised at my boredom.
"Then let us fight." She charged forward, sword brandished, yelling a battle cry. Was this really a child of Athena? She seemed a little too eager. A little too spontaneous. She neared me rather fast. As she was about to impale my feathery chest upon her blade, I lifted myself into the air. A series of 'Aaah's and 'oooh's could be heard as I did a few aerial stunts, before diving back down, straight toward the demigod. She looked furious. I had to resist the urge to grin, as I swooped down. She swung her sword, aiming to catch me in mid air. Too bad she swung too early. It skimmed past my legs, and I in turn picked her up by the arms. "Let me down you monster!" Suddenly she sounded scared. Odd.
"Why, little human? Mercy sounds like a nice thing now, doesn't it? Think of how easy it would be for me to merely let go." I did exactly as I said, releasing my hold on her slightly. I got a satisfying squeal before I tightened my grip once more. "I show you mercy, and yet you did not? Does that really sound fair?"

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