99 days without you

when harry dies Louis doesn't fell like he can go on without him .he lasts 99 days until its to much .


1. the only person ill ever love

some say true love lasts long .

even though the person you love isn't there anymore.

Louis didn't even get a goodbye.

he only got a letter.

he sees Harry everywhere he goes .

he writes his feelings down  thinking it will help .

it doesn't .

he knows she was part of the reason he left

and he hates her for it

Louis keeps fighting

hoping he comes back

but he knows he never can

he doesn't want to be saved

even when he needs to be

Louis starts dreaming

he survives 99 days without harry but cant go on any longer

some say love is the most powerful emotion a person can feel

it deteriorates your common sense

causing you to do stupid thing

all in the name of LOVE


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